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Full Guide to Buying a Gucci Belt

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Probably the most popular designer belt among fashion bloggers today is Gucci Marmont Belt. In 2016, when Gucci has initially released the Marmont collection, the brand has returned to the top position among luxury brands. To me that was not a surprise. I’ve always loved Gucci. However, I do believe that Marmont Collection was one of the most successful collections the fashion house has ever released.

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The belt was the first piece from the collection that I’ve added to my wardrobe. If seriously, today it is still my personal favorite designer belt. Actually, it is quite exciting, that almost every time I wear it, I get questions: Masha, where did you buy it; What size do you own? So, today I’ve finally decided to write a separate blog post about it – My Full Guide to Buying a Gucci Belt!

Where to buy?

If you have a Gucci boutique nearby, then I’d definitely suggest that you go to buy your belt there. However, I know that Marmont belts are not easy to find in physical boutiques. Last time I visited my local Gucci boutique in Copenhagen, they only had the thin Marmont belt in brown leather. But, even for the brown leather option my size was out of stock. Back in the days, I’ve purchased my Marmont belt at Gucci’s online boutique. Overall, it was a great experience. My belt was shipped out the next working day and I’ve received it within 3 days. I’ve shopped at at multiple occasions and only had great experiences so far!

You can also choose to get your belt at one of Gucci’s authorized retailers. For example: MyTheresa, Saks Fifth Avenue, MatchesFashion, Luisa-via-Roma, Nordstrom and many more. Good thing about shopping at authorized luxury retailers, is that sometimes they have coupon codes and promotions. For example, Luisa-via-Roma, often organizes flash-sales or sends out coupon codes. However, you might notice, that at Luisa-via-Roma, some items have a star next to their titles. These are usually things that are permanent designer items. Gucci Marmont Belt is one of them. Usually, items that have a star label next to their title are excluded from promotions. However, from time to time, Luisa-via-Roma would send out a coupon code that is also valid on items with a star label (usually, that’s 10-15% OFF). So, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter in order to get all the latest promotions directly to your inbox.

New or pre-loved?

Another thing I often get asked about, is whether it is worth looking at pre-loved market when shopping for a Gucci Marmont belt? I’d say, that it might be worth looking at, but when shopping pre-loved it is extremely important to pick a marketplace that guarantees item’s authenticity. To be honest, I really don’t like Poshmark. There’ve recently been too many fakes sold out there. I also have mixed thoughts about shopping for designer items on Ebay. So I want to give you a heads up! When going the pre-loved route, make sure that you choose a reputable company. I, personally, prefer Fashionphile and TheRealReal.

Which size to get?

First crucial thing to do in order to find out which size of the Gucci belt, you should get is to measure yourself! However, it does depend on where you want to wear your belt. Are you wearing mostly high rise or low rise jeans? Moreover, keep in mind what jean size you are wearing, as it may also play a role in choosing which size of the Gucci Marmont belt to get. Another helpful place to look at for size reference guide is Gucci website.

Gucci belt size

When I was choosing the belt size for myself, I measured the length of the belts I already owned, as well as looked at the size reference guide on

I settled for size 80. I am between jean size 25-26 myself and I wear both low and high rise jeans. 80 felt like a perfect choice for me. Moreover, after measuring the belts I already owned, I figured out that most of them were 80 cm too.

Which color to get?

I own the Marmont belt in black leather. I feel like black color matches everything. However, the belt in addition to black leather, is also available in brown, dusty pink and white. I’d say that the color choice depends on what colors you mostly wear. I think that Gucci Marmont belt in dusty pink or brown leather would fit warmer seasons perfectly.

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