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Hermes Birkin Size Comparison

Hermes Birkin – the most desired handbag on the planet. I’ve spoken about the Birkin bag many times on this blog. My most popular blog post on the bag to date is about how one could score it in Paris. Without a doubt, buying a Birkin bag directly from the Hermes boutique can be a difficult task. But, another thing that can be quite challenging, is finding information on the bag online.

Birkin bags are exclusive and Hermes does not offer a lot of information on them. This is why there is a lot of confusion going around about the Birkin bag sizes. Majority know, that there are four versions of Birkins: B25, B30, B35 and B40. However, what are the specific measurements of the Birkin bags? How do Birkin bags differ from each other in terms of sizing? In this blog post, I will do my best to answer these questions.

Hermes Birkin Size Comparison

Birkin 25

Predominantly, Birkin 25 was initially in demand in Asian markets, where women are petite in size and in general prefer smaller bags. However, after the recent mini-bag craze, the demand for Birkin 25 has skyrocketed Worldwide. And even though Hermes has increased production of the Birkin 25, demand for the bag still doesn’t equal supply. This is why the bag sells for substantially higher price on the resale market.
Hermes Birkin 25 Etain in Togo Leather. Media credit: Fashionphile
Birkin 25 dimesions are 25cm(L)×20cm(H)×13cm(W)
At first, it might seem that Birkin 25 is quite small. Nonetheless, the bag is still spacious enough for both day and night wear. The bag would easily fit in an iphone, small wallet, keys, sunglasses and a lipstick. The biggest difference between Birkin 25 and other Birkins is that the Birkin 25 can only be carried by hand. The handle is simply too small for the bag to be worn in the crook of the elbow. In my opinion, this is the major disadvantage of the Birkin 25. Overall, Birkin 25 is a perfect bag for special occasions. It’s also a perfect sized bag if all you carry with you are your daily essentials.

Birkin 30

Considered being the most popular-one of the Birkin bags is Birkin 30. This handbag is considerably more spacious than Birkin 25, effortlessly fitting in both full-sized wallet and larger iPhone, as well as, a scarf, a makeup bag, a magazine (A4 size), sunglasses and a key pouch. It’s needless to remind that any Birkin is also an investment bag. However, it’s interesting to note that exactly Birkin 30 is the bag many choose to get for the purpose of investment.
Hermes Birkin 30 Bleu Paradis in Epsom Leather. Media credit: Fashionphile
Birkin 30 dimensions are 30cm(L)×22cm(H)×16cm(W) 
Birkin 30 easily goes from day to night. This bag looks great with both casual and formal looks. However, when it comes to using the bag for work, I don’t think that Birkin 30 is a great choice. You can for sure carry a lot of your essentials in a Birkin 30, but when it comes to carrying the things that you might need for work (a laptop, a larger notebook, etc.), I don’t think there is enough room for them all in a Birkin 30. So, if you are considering to use your Birkin bag for work, I’d suggest that you go for a larger size.

Birkin 35

A perfect bag for travel, work and everyday in general – Birkin 35. This version of the Birkin is extremely usable due to its spacious interior. A Birkin 35 would perfectly fit all the things a Birkin 30 would fit. However, in a Birkin 35 there is going to be a plenty extra space left to carry an iPad/smaller laptop (like Macbook Air) with a charger, a makeup bag and other essentials you might need.
Hermes Birkin 35 Gold in Togo Leather. Media credit: Fashionphile
Birkin 35 dimensions are 35cm(L)×25cm(H)×18cm(W)
It’s also interesting to note, that many choose which Birkin to get based on their height. Birkin 35 is more popular with people who are over 170cm tall. Those up to 170cm tall prefer smaller Birkins as they fit their frame better.

Birkin 40

Did you know that the 40 was the first Birkin? Yes, you heard it right! The Hermes Birkin 40 was made especially for Jane Birkin (after who the bag was named). For most women, a Birkin 40 would be a bit too big for a daily wear. This might be the reason why smaller-sized Birkins are more popular. Nonetheless, the Birkin 40 still makes a great travel bag.
Hermes Birkin 40 in Togo Leather. Media credit: Fashionphile
Birkin 40 dimensions are 40cm(L)×30cm(H)×21cm(W)
You can carry a ton of things in a Birkin 40. This bag will fit everything and even more: a larger wallet, a makeup bag, an iPhone, an umbrella, a water bottle, a laptop, a book and many more things will fit in effortlessly. If you someone who travels a lot, getting the Birkin 40 is a great choice.
I hope this blog post has been helpful! In conclusion I would like to say that each version of the Birkin bag has its advantages. Go for the one that fits your lifestyle best and I am sure you will never be disappointed!

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