The Best Quiet Luxury Brands To Know in 2024

By Fifth Avenue Girl February 25, 2024

Often also called “stealth wealth”, or “coded luxury”, quiet luxury is defined by timeless silhouettes, quality materials, but most importantly, the absence of logos or any other branding that can hint about where the item is from.

Basically, where logo-mania screams, quiet luxury whispers. And if you’ve been looking to achieve that “coded luxury” look, here are the top 5 quiet luxury brands for you to check out.

The Row


If quiet luxury had to be defined by just one specific brand, it would definitely be The Row. Founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen back in 2006, the brand is renowned for its impeccable crafsmanship and anti-trend approach towards fashion.

Loro Piana


Famous for their ultra-soft cashmere sweaters and garments made from some of the world’s finest and rarest raw materials, incl. the ultra-rare Vicuña wool, Loro Piana prides themselves in creating timeless pieces that are made to last.

Brunello Cucinelli


Ever wondered where Mark Zuckerberg buys his basic grey t-shirts? Well, as turns out,  from Brunello Cucinelli! In fact, Zuckerberg’s grey tees cost anywhere between $300 and $400 for each!



Representing the epitome of Italian quality and craftsmanship since its inception in 1951, MaxMara offers women’s fashion that is timelessly elegant and of the highest quality.



Founded by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1927, Ferragamo is a quiet luxury brand that needs no introduction. Most Ferragamo pieces feature really simple silhouettes and have very minimal branding, which makes them timeless investments.

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