How it All Began

Founded by Maria (Masha) S., a digital marketer turned into a blogger, is a top destination for all things luxury fashion and style. Started back in the late summer of 2018 by Maria with an intention to share with the world her passion for luxury handbags, over the years, has evolved from being just another handbag blog on the internet into a place where people from all over the World come for luxury shopping advice.

My content

Hence why these days on you won’t find just handbag reviews. Actually, besides bags, I am also really into shoes, jewelry and everything pretty in general. So, don’t be surprised to also find talks on the latest designer fashion releases, trends and a bit of beauty too.

A community of luxury lovers.

With that being said, if you’ve come across my blog, I truly hope that you choose to stick around. I am really proud to have built a community of luxury lovers where we all support and respect each other. No negativity here – just positive vibes!

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handbags + shoes

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Saint Laurent



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the office

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the beach

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burgundy + beige + sage

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