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Hermès Kelly Bag Alternatives

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As one of the most desirable handbags in the World, the Hermès Kelly isn’t always that easy to get ahold of. While your Hermès SA can offer you a Kelly once you’ve built a solid purchase history with the brand, it’s not a 100 percent. This is why many Kelly bag fans chose to go directly …

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5 Hermès Handbags with the Highest Resale Value

Selling a handbag at a loss is without a doubt one of handbag lover’s worst nightmares. That’s why it’s incredibly important to educate yourself on which handbags hold their value and which ones don’t. A good indicator of that is resale value. If you are into luxury handbags, you should already be familiar with this …

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Hermes Garden Party 101: Design, Sizes, Prices

How cool would it be to go shopping with a Hermès bag in your hand? Let this dream come to reality with the Hermès Garden Party – the ultimate tote from Hermès. Released in 1964, the Garden Party is one of the most popular Hermès handbags outside their top 3 (Birkin/Kelly/Constance). Praised for its impeccable …

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Hermès Evelyne 101: History, Sizes & Prices

By Posted on 0 6 m read

While the Hermes Evelyne isn’t as widely known as the Birkin, it remains one of the House’s most popular bags. Loved for its simple design and functionality, the Evelyne is a top choice among those H lovers that are after something a little bit more casual and a popular option among those looking for an entry-level …

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Top 5 Bags That You Can Pass Down to Future Generations

By Posted on 0 5 m read

Every time that I am about to buy a designer handbag, I ask myself: “will I be wearing this item in 10, or 20 years down the road?” Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy wearing fashion trends. It’s just that when it comes to luxury, I’ve always preferred splurging on pieces that I am …

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Hermès Constance Prices 2021: USA & Europe

By Posted on 0 3 m read

What’s the first bag that comes to your mind when you think Hermès? Is it the Birkin, the Kelly, or maybe, the Constance? Often referred to as the bag that completes the “Holy Trinity” of Hermès handbags, the Constance is the third most popular Hermès bag, after the Birkin and Kelly. In fact, it’s as …

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The Cheapest Designer Bags You Can Afford

By Posted on 0 9 m read

Have you ever wondered what’s the cheapest bag at Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermès? If you are into luxury bags, I bet, you’ve had this question on your mind at least once. In the world of constant luxury price increases, the topic of affordable designer bags couldn’t be more relevant.

Of course, we …

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10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands

By Posted on 0 8 m read

Regardless, whether it’s your first time buying a luxury handbag, or it’s your 100th time, choosing which bag to buy is gonna take time and research, and for good reason. In most cases, you’ll be dropping some major cash, so you want to make sure that you know everything about the handbag you are buying, …

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Hermès Kelly 101: Styles, Sizes & Prices

Did you know that the Hermès Kelly has been around for way longer than the Birkin? The history of the Kelly bag dates back to 1892, when the first ever prototype of the bag was released. Initially, this bag was meant to serve as a saddle holder and was known as “Haut à courroies”. In …

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Hermès Kelly Danse: The Most Versatile Hermès Bag

Designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and originally released in 2008, Kelly Danse is a more casual version of the iconic Hermès Kelly. Originally crafted from luxuriously soft Hermès Swift leather, featuring a long strap instead of the top handle, the Kelly Danse was a modern take on the iconic handbag design. You might have …

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