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Black Friday 2020: The Best Designer Deals to Shop

By Posted on 0 3 m read

As you can probably imagine, being a fan of designer shopping comes with quite a price tag! This is why, every year, I am always looking forward to the Black Friday, the day when we get to shop at amazing discounts. The Black Friday falls on a day after the Thanksgiving. Usually, the focus is …

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How to Get Discounts on Luxury Brands

Luxury doesn’t come cheap and If there is anything I love more than luxury, it is discounts. With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being just around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to share with you my top tips on how to get discounts on luxury brands. Curious for …

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Are luxury brands still cheaper in Europe in 2020?

By Posted on 0 6 m read

There are two questions that my blog readers ask me all the time. Are designer bags cheaper in Europe? Are luxury brands cheaper in Europe? With this blog post, I’m finally bringing the answers you’ve all been waiting for.

Even if you don’t travel a lot, you’ve probably heard stories from people who …

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UK Chanel Bag Price Guide

London will forever be one of my personal favorite destinations for luxury shopping. Bond Street, Sloan Street, Harrods and Selfridges, if you are a true lover of luxury fashion, you must have heard about these places. Bond and Sloan Streets in London boast an abundance of luxury boutiques, including designer flagship stores, while Harrods and …

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Europe Chanel Bag Price Guide

Paris is a home to many iconic luxury fashion houses. So, it’s no wonder why the city is a beloved destination for shopping luxury. I mean, is there a better place to buy a Chanel bag than the flagship store in Paris!? While it’s next to every girls dream to walk out of a Chanel …

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Chanel Bag Price Guide

You are so close to saving up the required amount for that Chanel bag you’ve always dreamed of, but then a price increase hits. Does this sound familiar? While most of seasoned luxury shoppers are accustomed to Chanel and other luxury brands regularly increasing their prices, first time designer bag buyers are those that suffer …

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