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Chanel Price Increase November 2021

My optimistic self was hoping that we wouldn’t see another Chanel price increase in 2021, but here we go. Another price increase took place on November 3rd (and it’s the third one for 2021!). As you have probably already guessed, Classic Flaps have been impacted. So has been the 2.55 Reissue. Actually, it looks like …

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5 Best Vintage Chanel Bags to Add to Your Collection

By Posted on 0 2 m read

If you’ve ever shopped vintage, you know that nothing quite compares to the excitement surrounding finding a vintage designer handbag in an excellent condition. And especially if that’s a handbag from Chanel. Given the ever-growing demand for vintage Chanel bags, they are no longer this easy to come by.

However, if you really …

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Chanel Classic Flap Bag Size Comparison

By Posted on 0 7 m read

So, you’ve finally made a decision to purchase the iconic Chanel Classic Flap bag. I can only imagine how excited you are. However, it also means that now you are faced with the three important decisions to make: the material, the color, and most importantly, the size. With an array of six different sizes (four …

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Chanel Métiers D’Art 2021 Bags are Here

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Chanel’s Métiers D’Art 2021 Collection has finally landed in boutiques. Since 2002, with the Métiers D’Art Collection Chanel has been paying homage to the artisans behind the house, celebrating their expert knowledge and craftsmanship. This year was no different. The showing for the Métiers D’Art 2021 Collection took place last December at the Château de …

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Top 5 Bags That You Can Pass Down to Future Generations

By Posted on 0 5 m read

Every time that I am about to buy a designer handbag, I ask myself: “will I be wearing this item in 10, or 20 years down the road?” Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy wearing fashion trends. It’s just that when it comes to luxury, I’ve always preferred splurging on pieces that I am …

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Chanel Handbags Worth Buying in 2021

By Posted on 0 5 m read

In the context of the huge price hikes that Chanel handbags saw over the last year, many Chanel lovers are moving away from shopping in boutiques to shopping pre-loved. Does it even make sense to purchase the Classic Flap new in 2021? With a current price tag of $7,400, the Chanel Jumbo compares to the …

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The Cheapest Designer Bags You Can Afford

By Posted on 0 9 m read

Have you ever wondered what’s the cheapest bag at Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermès? If you are into luxury bags, I bet, you’ve had this question on your mind at least once. In the world of constant luxury price increases, the topic of affordable designer bags couldn’t be more relevant.

Of course, we …

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10 Best Luxury Handbag Brands

By Posted on 0 8 m read

Regardless, whether it’s your first time buying a luxury handbag, or it’s your 100th time, choosing which bag to buy is gonna take time and research, and for good reason. In most cases, you’ll be dropping some major cash, so you want to make sure that you know everything about the handbag you are buying, …

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Chanel Price Increase 2021

For about two weeks now, rumors have been circulating about the possible Chanel price increase in the United States. Well, today we’ve learnt, that indeed, those weren’t rumors. As of January 15, 2021, Chanel handbag prices in the United States have officially increased again. Luckily, this time the increase was only 3-7 percent across the classic and popular …

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UK Chanel Bag Price Guide

London will forever be one of my personal favorite destinations for luxury shopping. Bond Street, Sloan Street, Harrods and Selfridges, if you are a true lover of luxury fashion, you must have heard about these places. Bond and Sloan Streets in London boast an abundance of luxury boutiques, including designer flagship stores, while Harrods and …

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