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The 10 Best Straw & Raffia Bags for Your Summer Wardrobe

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Raffia and straw bags have been a quintessential part of our summer wardrobes for decades. From Jane Birkin to Brigitte Bardot, some of the most stylish women have chosen them for beach days and beyond. 

Jane Birkin, specifically, wore her wicker basket everywhere and with everything. Before the introduction of the iconic Birkin …

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The 10 Best Gucci Items Under $500

By Posted on 0 5 m read

Who doesn’t love Gucci these days? Ever since Alessandro Michele took over as brand’s new creative director, everyone wants to have a little bit of Gucci in their wardrobes. Unfortunately, what puts many people off from shopping at Gucci is the price tag. Not everyone can afford to shell a four-digit amount on a bag. …

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Hermès Constance Prices 2021: USA & Europe

By Posted on 0 3 m read

What’s the first bag that comes to your mind when you think Hermès? Is it the Birkin, the Kelly, or maybe, the Constance? Often referred to as the bag that completes the “Holy Trinity” of Hermès handbags, the Constance is the third most popular Hermès bag, after the Birkin and Kelly. In fact, it’s as …

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