Fendi First Bag Reference Guide

Fall 2021 It Bag Alert: The Fendi First Bag

Thought the hype around oversized pouch bags has already died down? Well, at Fendi they certainly don’t think so! Introducing the Fendi First Bag – the latest arm candy from Fendi.

First spotted on brand’s Fall 2021 runway, the bag is Fendi’s take on the slouchy pouch trend. The moment I first saw the photo of the Fendi First bag, it reminded me of a coin purse that my grandmother had. Remember those slouchy vintage coin purses with a ball clasp? The Fendi First Bag is a modern twist on the nostalgic style. The design stands out with an oversized F-shaped clasp wrapping the top of the handbag. As stunning as it is practical, the Fendi First Bag also comes with an optional strap which effortlessly transforms it from an evening clutch to a chic shoulder bag.

Fendi First Bag Reference Guide
Media Credit: @veronicaferraro

Fendi fans will appreciate the interior lining in the iconic Fendi FF Monogram, while everyone else will love the spacious nature of the style. Similarly to other designer pouches, the Fendi First features a single compartment with tons of room for your essentials.

Fendi First Bag Sizes and Materials

Like any new style, the Fendi First was released in a variety of sizes, colors and materials.

When it comes to size, with the Fendi First Bag, you’ve got two options to choose from: Small and Medium. Small measures 26 x 18 x 9.5 cm (length x height x depth) and comes with a strap drop of 43 cm, while the medium sports measurements of 32.5 x 23.5 and 15 cm and has a strap drop of 27 cm.

Media Credit: @mypersonalshopperuk

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact measurements for the Fendi First Bag in inches, neither on fendi.com, nor at other sources. So, I did the conversion myself. See the sizing in the table below:

Fendi First Bag StyleSize (cm)Size (inches)
Fendi First Small26 x 18 x 9.5 cm10.2” x 7” x 3.7”
Fendi First Medium32.5 x 23.5 x 15 cm12.8” x 9.3” x 5.9”

Smooth leather versions of the Fendi First Bag come in such colors like black, beige, pink, caramel and dark brown. The new style also appears in python, mink and sheepskin, with the sheepskin option coming in the prettiest shade of light pink. Looks like I already know which handbag I’ll be carrying this winter! But, how much for the Fendi First Bag in sheepskin?

Fendi First Bag in Pink Sheepskin
Media Credit: @dxbserialshopper

Fendi First Bag Prices

Due to various sizes and materials, prices for the Fendi First Bag vary too. See by yourself:

Fendi First Bag StylePrice (USD)Price (EUR)
Fendi First Small Leather Bag$2,650€1,980
Fendi First Medium Leather Bag$3,490€2,600
Fendi First Small Sheepskin Bag$3,190€2,400
Fendi First Medium Sheepskin Bag$3,890€2,900
Fendi First Small Mink Bag$5,100€3,800
Fendi First Small Python Bag$3,890€2,900
Fendi First Medium Python Bag$4,900€3,700
Fendi First Medium Flannel Bag$3,490€2,600

The Fendi First Bag in the size Small retails for $2,650 in leather, $3,190 in sheepskin, $5,100 in mink and $3,890 in python. In the Medium size, the bag retails for $3,490 in leather, $3,890 in sheepskin, $4,900 in python and $3,490 in flannel (prices as of August 2021). As you might have already noticed, the mink version of the Fendi First, only comes in the Small size, while the Flannel version of the Fendi First is only available in the Medium.

What are your thoughts on Fendi’s latest handbag release? Do you think the First Bag can take the social media by storm just like the re-edition Fendi Baguette did back in 2019? Let’s chat in the comments below!

The Fendi First Bag is now available at Fendi Boutiques Worldwide and on Fendi.com

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