How To Choose Your First Designer Handbag

I will always remember the day I bought my first ever designer handbag – an LV Speedy 30. I know that buying a fancy bag for the first time is an exciting but at the same time nervous experience. Therefore, in this blog post I would love to share some tips that would hopefully help you set your mind at ease.

  1. Set a Budget. When it comes to choosing your first designer handbag, one of the first things you to do is set a budget. There are so many different designer brands out there and they often follow different tiers of handbag pricing. Not everybody can afford a Hermes Birkin, and don’t worry about it! Consider setting a budget. Remember, that it’s not mandatory for your first designer handbag to be brand new from the boutique. You can find some amazing bags in the pre-loved market for a fraction of the price.
  2. Choose a Size & Silhouette. There are hundrends of bag options out there. Nowadays you can basically find a perfect bag for any occasion in any style. Do you prefer larger totes or smaller clutch-sized bags? Also, often bags’ shape speaks for the brand. Most designer fashion lovers are able to tell which designer made the bag by simply looking at its shape and aesthetic. Make sure you find a silhouette that perfectly matches your style!
  3. Colors. Another important decision to make is to decide what color scheme are you going for. Do you want your bag to be in a versatile color that will allow you to match it with many different looks? Are you wondering if you would be able to wear the bag in different seasons? If you’ve answered “yes” to both of these questions, consider opting for more versatile colors.
  4. Pick a brand. There are so many designer houses to choose from. No matter what your style is, there definitely must be a brand that matches your style. Sometimes choosing a brand can be a challenging task. But considering the tips mentioned above might help you with narrowing down your selection.
  5. Where to buy? There are hundreds of places to shop at. You can choose to buy from boutique directly or shop at multiple online stores instead. Nowadays, there is no huge difference between purchasing in person from boutique vs. online. In fact, it’s also nice to be know the places where to shop for designer bags online. I can definitely recommend these online shopping destinations:

I really hope that these five tips will help you to choose your first designer handbag!

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