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Top 5 Most Counterfeited Designer Handbags

When it comes to investing in a designer handbag, the world of luxury is an exciting place – but also full of danger. I love high-end bags, but the risk of falling prey to counterfeit items is undeniable, especially as the resale market booms. With fakes becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to know what to look out for to ensure your investment is in what you actually want to have on your arm. Hence, why I am bringing you this guide to the top 5 most counterfeited designer handbags. That’s right, certain bag designs are more likely to be counterfeited than others. And if you’re curious to learn what those are, keep scrolling!

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1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Monogram Canvas
Media Credit: Fashionphile

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is an absolute icon, beloved for its versatility and classic monogram design. Even those not interested in designer handbags will recognize it. But unfortunately, its popularity has made it a prime target for counterfeiters. In fact, it’s estimated that Louis Vuitton has more fakes circulating than any other luxury brand. But also, the Neverfull’s simple yet iconic design is deceptively easy to replicate, leading to a flood of knock-offs in the market.

If you are considering a Neverfull, pay close attention to the details. You’ll notice it in the quality of the leather, the precision of the stitching, and the alignment of the monogram. Authentic Neverfulls have a distinctive feel and impeccable craftsmanship that you just won’t see in a fake, however good they get! 

2. Chanel Classic Flap

Chanel Medium Classic Flap Black Caviar Leather

The Chanel Classic Flap is another icon, celebrated for its elegant quilted design and timeless appeal. But unfortunately, this status is what makes it a frequent target for counterfeiters. Though the good news is that the intricate details of the Classic Flap, from the quality of the caviar leather to the precision of the interlocking CC logo, are challenging to replicate perfectly. In fact, the genuine Chanel font is so refined it’s notoriously difficult for counterfeiters to get it quite right.

An authentic Chanel Classic Flap will not be shy about the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. The stitching should be flawless, the hardware should feel substantial, and the leather should have a luxurious feel. If you’re going second-hand or vintage, I’d suggest you only purchase from trusted resale sites that offer authenticity guarantees.

3. Hermès Birkin

Hermes Togo Birkin 25 Etoupe
Hermès Togo Birkin 25 Etoupe. Media Credit: Fashionphile

It’s the bag we all know, love and want. The Hermès Birkin is arguably the most exclusive handbag in the world. So, it’s no wonder that its limited availability make it a prime target for counterfeiters. In the real world, a Birkin typically requires building a strong customer profile with Hermès, making the prevalence of Birkins on social media somewhat suspicious. And indeed, many of the Birkins seen on Instagram may not be genuine. In fact, if you visit the Instagram account @thefakebirkinslayer you’ll see numerous stories dedicated to exposing influencers and even high-profile individuals who flaunt fake Hermès bags.

A genuine Birkin is extraordinary both in craftsmanship and design. Did you know that each bag handcrafted by a single artisan? Like other bags on this list, the quality of the leather, the precision of the stitching, and the weight of the hardware are all telltale signs of authenticity. 

4. Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag

Gucci Marmont Small Shoulder Bag
Media Credit: Fashionphile

The Gucci Marmont, with its distinctive double G logo and matelassé leather, has quickly become a fashion set favourite. Its popularity has also made it a common target for counterfeiters. The Marmont’s contemporary yet classic design is often imitated, but counterfeit versions usually fall short in terms of quality and detail.

When purchasing a Marmont, examine the quality of the leather, the consistency of the stitching, and the clarity of the logo. Genuine Marmont bags will have a high-quality finish and feel. 

5. Bottega Veneta Jodie

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Bag Green
Media Credit: Net-a-Porter

The coveted Bottega Veneta Jodie is a relatively recent addition to the luxury handbag scene, yet it has quickly become one of the most counterfeited designs. The bag’s distinctive knotted intrecciato leather design is as popular among fashionistas as it is among counterfeiters. In fact, I’ve even seen many high-street stores selling dupes that closely mimic the original design.

To distinguish a genuine Jodie from a fake, focus on the intricacy of the weaving. Authentic Bottega Veneta bags are crafted with exceptional attention to detail, which is hard to replicate, especially with this complex design. If you’re unsure, seek out a professional authentication service.

Fifth Avenue Girl’s top tips for avoiding counterfeit handbags

  • Only buy from reputable sources: Always purchase your handbags from authorized retailers or reputable second-hand dealers that offer authenticity guarantees. My personal favorite second-hand handbag dealers include: Fashionphile, Rebag and theRealReal.
  • Check the details: Examine the quality of the materials, stitching, and hardware. Authentic bags should have impeccable craftsmanship.
  • Seek professional assessment: If you’re ever unsure about the authenticity of a bag, I highly consider using professional authentication services. For Hermès, my go-to is bababebi, and Real Authentication for everything else.
  • Don’t fall for too good to be true: We all know it. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic luxury handbags, in most cases, tend to retain their value and are rarely sold at significant discounts.

I hope this article was helpful!

xoxo’s, Masha S.

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