The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Handbags in 2019

Louis Vuitton is one of those brands that first comes into mind when thinking about luxury handbags. Moreover, it is one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the World. This is why in this blog post, I’ve decided to present the list of the most popular Louis Vuitton handbags right now.

1. Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

A bag that first came out in 2012, Pochette Metis since then has become a “modern classic” for Louis Vuitton. Today, this bag is so popular that is it really hard to find in boutiques. Due to that the Pochette Metis is almost always sold out, if you manage to get your hands on one of them you are really lucky. The Pochette Metis is a very beautiful and functional bag. It has a plenty of inside compartments to fit all of your essentials. This is a great handbag to carry both day and night. Today, The Pochette Metis is available in a variety of colors and styles. If you are on the hunt for one of these bags, make sure to check out the selection of pre-loved Pochette Metis bags currently for sale on Fashionphile!

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Pochette Metis from Fashionphile: $1,750

2. Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau Souple

A medium-sized bag, shaped like a circle and made in classic monogram canvas, the new LV Boite Chapeau Souple bag is a true show-stopper. This bags’ design is absolutely stunning. It can be carried as a cross-body, shoulder bag and as a clutch as the strap is completely removable. Overall, it’s such a versatile piece! Since its release the Boite Chapeau Souple bag has instantly won hearts of many high-fashion lovers around the World. It is likely that this LV bag would become a collector’s piece due to its unique design, thus it might be a great value for money and it can serve as an investment.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Boite Chapeau Souple from Fashionphile: $2,250

3. Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

First introduced in 2014, the Petite Malle bag today is considered one of the most iconic Louis Vuitton’s bags. Originally, the bag was inspired by classic LV trunks and crafted in iconic Monogram canvas. However, with it’s popularity steadily increasing, the fashion house started producing it in many different variations. The Petite Malle is a truly beautiful piece. It’s timelessly elegant and perfect for nights out as well as makes a perfect small cross-body.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Petite Malle Black from Fashionphile

4. Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack Mini

Not so long ago, Louis Vuitton came out with a mini version of their iconic Palm Springs backpack. Now when mini handbags are on the rise of popularity, this mini backpack from Louis Vuitton immediately turns into the must-have. Not only it is trendy and stylish, but also very versatile. It’s perfect to carry all everyday essentials. The Palm Springs Mini backpack is available in two variations: classic Monogram and reverse Monogram.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Reverse Palm Springs Backpack Mini from Fashionphile: $2,450

5. Louis Vuitton Pallas BB

It’s impossible not to mention the Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas BB petite tote. It is an excellent bag that is suitable for both day or night wear. The bag that has won hearts of fashionistas all around the World, Pallas BB is an incredibly versatile tote. Its’ petite size allows the carry the bag as a top handle and also a cross-body. In my opinion, it is one of the most stylish bags Louis Vuitton has ever introduced.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Pallas BB Raisin from Fashionphile: $1,795

Would you consider owning or already own one of these bags? Sound off in the comments below!

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