Phoebe Philo's New Fashion Brand is Finally Here

Phoebe Philo’s New Fashion Brand is Finally Here

Fans of “Old Celine” rejoice, because Phoebe Philo is back! That’s right, after years of speculation, the legendary designer has finally launched her own namesake fashion brand. Having launched on October 30th exclusively on, Phoebe Philo’s debut collection (dubbed A1) is now shoppable and features 150 different styles, incl. ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories and, you’ve guessed it, handbags.

For those who may have forgotten, during her reign at Celine, Philo was mostly celebrated for her classy and minimalist handbag designs. The now discontinued Celine Box Bag, the Luggage Tote and the Celine Phantom, are just a few of her iconic creations. Hence why many of us today are putting the focus exactly on bags. However, let’s not forget the other pieces either. Phoebe Philo, after all, is an uber-talented fashion designer. And that shows in the amount of stunning, albeit pricey, ready-to-wear pieces presented with her debut collection. Keep scrolling for all the highlights.


With her namesake debut, Phoebe Philo has proven yet again that contemporary minimalism is here to stay. Putting focus on clean lines and expert tailoring instead of trendy designs and flashy logos, her creations are both timeless and contemporary, fitting perfectly into the needs of a modern woman. Actually, this is something Phoebe Philo has always understood very well – how to dress a modern woman and make her feel good about what she’s wearing.

Without knowing anything about Phoebe Philo beforehand, one would quickly categorize her debut collection as “quiet luxury”. But don’t be that quick to judge, as the collection also features quite a few standout pieces. Among those, a mini dress decorated with textured tassels, as well as tailored trousers adorned with fuzzy embroidery.

Phoebe Philo A1 Collection Bags

Phoebe Philo’s inaugural collection also features 3 handbag silhouettes. Dubbed Gig Bag, Small Kit Cabas and XL Cabas, all of these styles in true Philo fashion, feature simple lines and minimal details.

The Gig Bag arrives exclusively in calf leather with tonal suede lining. The Small Kit Cabas and XL Cabas bags, on the other hand, launched in a variety of materials, incl. suede and calf hair.

Btw, at the time of writing this blog post, the Small Kit Cabas, as well as the Gig Bag have already sold out across all versions. And that’s considering the fact that the bags were by no means cheap, with the Small Kit Cabas Bag coming in at $4,300 in leather and $4,800 in calf hair, and the Gig Bag arriving at $3,500.

Final thoughts

Anyone else thinks that Phoebe Philo’s brand launch is very timely? I mean, with quiet luxury reigning supreme at the moment, her debut collection was pretty much set for success. But how about the designer’s future collections? That’s right, Phoebe Philo’s second collection (A2) is set to launch in Spring 2024. And I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to see what the future holds for the brand (even though some of the designs from the current collection did feel a bit too plain for me). How about you? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Discover Phoebe Philo’s full debut collection here.

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