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Senreve Maestra Bag: is it worth it?

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Have you ever heard of Senreve? Chances are that you most likely did, as their Maestra Bag has been all over the Instagram for the last year and a half. However, before I dive into discussing the Maestra Bag in greater detail, let me say a few words about the brand. Senreve is a rather young brand. The brand was founded in November 2016 and the goal was to produce a stylish laptop bag for working women. Senreve is based in San Francisco but their bags are manufactured in Italy. Their bags are made of 100% Italian leather by Tuscan artisans that have worked with top luxury designer brands. Maestra is their most popular handbag design. It’s also the most recognized handbag by Senreve, most likely, due to the bag being constantly advertised on IG pages of fashion influencers.

Interestingly enough, while doing my research on the Maestra bag online I haven’t found any single negative review on it. Is it because the bag is really so great, or bloggers have been paid to leave only positive reviews? In this blog post, I’ve decided to look into the Maestra Bag in greater detail to understand if it’s worth the price tag.

The Maestra Bag: available options and pricing

Originally, the Maestra Bag was only produced in one size. However, later, due to increase in bag’s popularity, Senreve made a decision to add two more sizes.




The MaestraL 12.5 x H 10.75 Bag Depth: 7”L 32 x H 27 Bag Depth: 18cm
Midi MaestraL 13 x H 9.75 Bag Depth: 6.25”L x 33 H 25 Bag Depth: 16cm
Mini MaestraL 8.75 x H 7 Bag Depth: 5.5”L x 22 H 18 Bag Depth: 14 cm

The largest size Maestra Bag retails for $895, while the Midi Maestra and Mini Maestra bags retail for $795 and $695 respectively. The bag is offered in a variety of colors and leathers. Pebbled and Mimosa are the two most common leathers used for the Maestra bag. Mimosa is more durable of the two. In multiple reviews I have noticed people mentioning that the Mimosa leather reminds them of Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather.

The Maestra Bag: Functionality

I’ve discovered that one of the reasons why the Maestra bag is praised so much online is for it’s functionality. The bag can be worn in a variety of ways: as a tote, satchel, a crossbody and even as a backpack. The design of the bag is simple, yet quite attractive. What I personally like about the bag is that the design is logo free. Am I the only one thinking that the logo mania trend is slowly going away?

All three sizes of the Maestra bag have the same capacity to transition from tote to backpack. The largest Maestra features enough room to hold a 15 inch laptop and all other essentials. The Maestra in the largest size would serve best as the work bag. It’s important to notice that Midi Maestra also has a lot of room. It will certainly fit a tablet along all other essentials. In my opinion, the Midi Maestra would work better for daily use and not work. However, all depends at how much stuff you are carrying. The Mini Maestra would also fit a ton of essentials. According to most of the reviews on the Mini Maestra bag that I have seen online, many find it a perfect bag for traveling.

Overall, I think that being able to carry the bag in several different ways makes it incredibly versatile. Also, both Pebbled and Mimosa Leathers are known to stand well against water damage and dirt. In her review of the Maestra Bag, Australian Youtuber, Mel in Melbourne, has performed water, scratch and cleaning test on the bag. To be honest, results of the tests have left me impressed. The bag has received zero water and scratch damage after the tests. Moreover, the cleaning test was carried out on the lighter color Mini Maestra Bag. As we all know, lighter color bags tend to show way more color transfer. Furthermore, it’s usually really difficult to get that off. However, it’s not the case with the Mini Maestra Bag. Apparently, the color transfer goes off if you rub the affected place on the bag gently with a wet towel.

In my personal opinion, Senreve’s Maestra bag would fit best for those who travel or need a spacious work bag. The only minus for me is the price. Are we willing to pay over $800 for a work bag? But again, looking back at all of the positive reviews that praise the bag’s quality, a lot of doubt goes away.

What are your thoughts on the Maestra bag? Would you consider adding it to your collection? Or, if you already own it, how has been your experience with the bag? Sound off in the comments below this blog post! Let’s chat!

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