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Top 5 Things You Should Not Buy From Zara

For years, Zara used to be one of my favorite places to shop at. Especially, back in the days when I was a student I used to buy most of my clothing there. Prices were cheap and as we all know, cheap clothes can be really hard to resist. So, I fell into the fast …

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National Handbag Day 2020: Top 5 Best Deals

Happy National Handbag Day to all fellow handbag lovers out there! Are you celebrating? Every year, the National Handbag Day falls on October 10. While, I, personally, never need an excuse to buy me a new bag, the National Handbag Day, somehow, always gives me one. The thing is that in honor of the National …

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Hermès Kelly Danse: The Most Versatile Hermès Bag

Designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and originally released in 2008, Kelly Danse is a more casual version of the iconic Hermès Kelly. Originally crafted from luxuriously soft Hermès Swift leather, featuring a long strap instead of the top handle, the Kelly Danse was a modern take on the iconic handbag design. You might have …

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Saint Laurent Loulou Bag Guide

If you love designer bags as much as I do, then you’ve likely heard of the Saint Laurent Loulou Bag. Initially launched in early 2017, today, the Loulou is one of the most sought after bags from Saint Laurent. The bag was named after LouLou de la Falaise, a fashion icon and an enduring muse …

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10 Best Designer Bucket Bags to Own

By Posted on 0 5 m read

Do you know the story behind the original bucket bag? Back in 1932, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the legendary Louis Vuitton, designed a utilitarian bag – the Noé, which was supposed to serve as a carrier for champagne bottles. Apparently, back in the days, it was really difficult to carry a bottle of champagne …

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Fall Outfit Ideas: 10+ Street Style Looks to Copy Now

By Posted on 2 4 m read
Summer coming to an end isn’t so great news for those who love dresses, shorts and sandals, but it’s certainly good news for those obsessed with jackets, knits, scarves and boots. While warmer temperatures are obviously amazing, I am always looking forward to the fall and winter. Actually, I must admit that boots, indeed, prevail …

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