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How to Score a Hermes Birkin in Paris – an ultimate guide

By Posted on 0 4 m read

As we all know, it’s almost impossible to buy a Birkin by simply walking into the Hermes store. First, there used to be a waiting list where you could sign up for a Birkin and it took people years to get the bag. This system was eventually cancelled. Next, people were asked to line up …

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How to identify an Investment Bag

By Posted on 0 2 m read

What is an investment bag?

Investment bag is a bag that holds its value and/or if sold can generate a profit for it’s seller.

How do I identify an investment bag?

Generally, if a bag remains popular for a very long period of time and the fashion house continues to produce it year …

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Why You Should Never Buy Fake Designer Goods

By Posted on 0 2 m read

You’ve always wanted to get that Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbag but it felt so challenging to save up for it. You are probably questioning yourself if it’s ever a good idea to buy a fake? Short answer no. But now let me explain why. Usually when we think of fake designer goods we imagine …

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Where To Shop For Authentic Pre-loved Luxury

I do believe in shopping pre-loved. I’ve bought designer handbags both directly from the boutiques as well as on the resale market. It’s probably not a miracle that over the time, I found that I get more enjoyment out of a hunt for a pre-loved, well-priced and great-condition handbag. Therefore, in this blog post, I’d …

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How To Choose Your First Designer Handbag

I will always remember the day I bought my first ever designer handbag – an LV Speedy 30. I know that buying a fancy bag for the first time is an exciting but at the same time nervous experience. Therefore, in this blog post I would love to share some tips that would hopefully help …

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