Most Affordable Hermes Bags

8 Most Affordable Hermès Bags in 2023

Dream of owning a handbag from Hermès, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a Birkin, or a Kelly? Well, if that’s the case, then this list of the most affordable Hermès bags is for you. That’s right, there are actually Hermès handbags out there that most of us, handbag lovers, can afford. And let me tell you, those aren’t some basic styles. In fact, many handbags featured on this list offer the same characteristics as some of the brand’s most sough-after bags. Seriously, no need to spend your lifesavings on a bag when you can get the look at just a fraction of the cost. Check it out for yourself, as you scroll through the list of the 8 most affordable Hermes bags the money can buy in 2023.

Most Affordable Hermes Bags
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1. Hermès Bride-a-Brac Case (from $500)

Hermes Bride-a-Brac Small Case
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Not technically a handbag, but still a piece that can be easily used as one, the Hermès Bride-a-Brac Case opens up the list of the most affordable Hermès bags. Essentially a make-up pouch with a top handle, the Hermès Bride-a-Brac Case is a highly popular piece among the Hermès lovers right now due to its affordable price (all versions retail at under $800) and the fact that you can easily convert it into a handbag. I mean, just invest into one of the many conversion kits available for it online and you have a stylish shoulder/crossbody bag. Or simply carry it by its top handle.

2. Hermès Aline Bag (from $1,200)

Hermes Aline Grooming Bag
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If you would like to get a taste of Hermès without spending too much money, consider taking a look at the Hermès Aline Bag. Originally introduced in 1971 as a bag for carrying equestrian equipment, the Aline Bag today is a stylish and functional bag, popular with Hermès lovers of all ranks. And it’s easy to see why, as the bag’s minimalistic design with the long shoulder strap allows for countless styling options. However, the main reason for why the Aline Bag is so widely popular is definitely its price. The bag currently starts at around $1,200 in canvas and $2,025 in leather, which is really affordable by the Hermès standards.

3. Hermès Evelyne (from $2,050)

Hermes Evelyne TPM Bag Gold
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Much like the Aline Grooming Bag, the Hermès Evelyne one was designed to carry equestrian equipment. However, what sets this bag apart is the perforated “H” motif which decorates the back of the bag (yes, you are actually supposed to wear the bag with the “H” facing the back). The Hermès Evelyne is also predominantly a leather style, typically arriving in either Clemence or Maurice leather. There are also multiple sizes to choose from, with the smallest size of the bag (also actually the most popular) the Evelyne TPM, starting at just $2,050 retail. Definitely consider this bag if you’re looking for a more accessible entry point into the world of Hermès.

4. Hermès Garden Party (from $2,500)

Hermes Garden Party 30 Tote Etoupe
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Who doesn’t love a good tote bag? And that’s exactly what the Hermès Garden Party is – a tote bag from Hermes. Created with an intention to make the life easier, the Hermès Garden Party puts a spin on a traditional tote bag through its “clou de selle” snap fasteners on the sides that allow for the bag to be expanded in size. Choose between two styles: all leather or canvas with leather trim. The Hermès Garden Party also comes available in a large number of colors and three different sizes, incl. the chic and functional Garden Party 30. Prices start at around $2,500 for canvas versions and $3,775 for all leather styles.

5. Hermès Herbag (from $2,875)

Hermes Herbag Zip 31 Bleu Marine Black
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Like the look of the Hermès Kelly bag, but don’t want to pay the extortionate price tag? Well, if yes, then consider taking a look at the Hermès Herbag instead. Often referred to as Kelly’s affordable cousin, the Herbag offers a strikingly similar look, but at a fraction of the cost. The catch? Unlike the Kelly bag that is made fully of leather, the Herbag is made of the combination of canvas with leather. Actually, some people would argue that the Hermès Herbag is a way better option for everyday than the Hermes Kelly, as the canvas is extremely lightweight and hard-wearing. Plus, you still get the classic Hermès look.

6. Hermès Picotin (from $2,950)

Hermes Picotin 18 Etoupe
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Often referred to as “The Bucket Bag from Hermès”, the Picotin is another really popular entry-level Hermès handbag. And truly, with prices starting at just around $3,000 this handbag shouldn’t be overlooked. Arriving in a functional bucket bag silhouette with an adjustable tab closure in the middle and accessorized with the iconic Hermes padlock, the Hermès Picotin is a chic and carefree bag, perfect for everyday. Furthermore, with a vast range of sizes, colors and materials available you are sure to find a version that catches your eye. Perhaps this is exactly why the cute, carefree Picotin constantly tops the wishlists of H lovers.

7. Hermès Jige Elan Clutch (from $4,050)

Hermes Jige Elan 29 Clutch Rose Pourpre
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No handbag collection feels complete without a clutch. And if you’re looking for an option from Hermès which would not break the bank, that is definitely the Jige Elan Clutch. A flat, envelope-style clutch with a top flap that’s secured by a sliding strap, the Hermès Jige Elan Clutch is a stylish pick for both everyday and special occasions. Currently offered by Hermès in a functional 29cm size (check the pre-loved market for other sizes), the Jige Elan Clutch is also available a wide range of colors and materials, with the most affordable options starting at just above $4,000.

8. Hermès In The Loop Bag (from $4,500)

Hermes In The Loop 18 Bag Etoupe
Media Credit: Fashionphile

One of the newer designs from Hermès, the Hermès In The Loop Bag also makes the list of the most affordable Hermès bags. Arriving in a functional bucket bag silhouette (hence the reason many people consider it a cousin to the Hermes Picotin), with the Hermès ‘Chain d’Ancre’ motif decorating the handles, as well as the base of the bag, the Hermès In the Loop Bag is an understated and practical style, perfect for everyday. Made from Clemence leather with Swift leather handles, the bag is available in an array beautiful colors and two sizes, the In The Loop 18 and In The Loop 23. The first comes priced at right around $4,500.

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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