Top 5 Iconic Designer High Heels Every Woman Must Own

5 Iconic Designer Heels Every Woman Must Own

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Are you on a hunt for a perfect pair of designer high heels? In this blog post I’ve decided to round up the list of 5 iconic designer heels every woman must own. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles.

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1. Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pumps

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps
Media Credit: Net-a-Porter

When you think of designer heels, which brand comes to your mind first? You thought the same as me, right? It’s Christian Louboutin! Specifically, their “So Kate” are probably the most iconic high heel pumps ever. They are classy and elegant and the “famous” red sole screams luxury. The design is timeless, so if you are looking for just one pair of designer heels to add to your wardrobe, the Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pumps are the ones to go for!

2. Manolo Blahnik “Hangisi” Pumps

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps
Media Credit: Nordstrom

Probably all of us, luxury lovers, have watched “Sex and the City” series. Once the Dior Saddle and Fendi Baguette bags got featured on the show, they instantly achieved the “iconic” status. The same applied to luxury high heels. Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) rocking the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pumps? The “Sex and the City” show made the Hangisi Pumps legendary and no surprise, because the design of the shoes is timeless. This pair will never go out of style! Hangisi pumps look stunning with classic dresses, and they also add a touch of elegance to more casual looks.

3. Valentino “Rockstud” Pumps

Valentino Rockstud Pumps
Media Credit: MyTheresa

High heel shoes with a modern, edgy look – Valentino Rockstud Pumps were first introduced in 2010 and since then became a staple in the closets of fashionistas all around the World. The Valentino Rockstud Pumps feature a classic design with a touch of rock-n-roll. They look good with both classy and party looks. Furthermore, almost 10 years later since the Rockstud Pumps got introduced, we still see them on the red carpets. Isn’t that enough a reason for adding these beauties to your wardrobe?!

4. YSL “Opyum” Pumps

YSL Opium Pumps
Media Credit: Farfetch
If you are a logo mania fan, a pair of designer high heel shoes that you must own are the Saint Laurent (YSL) Opyum Pumps. These pumps are here to steal the show! Stunningly creative design with an interlocking metal YSL heel makes these high heel shoes a piece of art. Opyum pumps would elevate any look. They add an edginess to contemporary looks and go well with evening outfits.

5. Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps

Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps
Media Credit: Farfetch

Another pair of iconic designer heels that I would like to mention in this post are Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps. They are a favorite among many of the designer shoe lovers around the World because of their elegant silhouette and perfectly balanced spike heel. Anouk Pumps are another pair of designer high heels that you can never go wrong with. Their classic and timeless design makes the shoes perfect for both everyday and evening looks.

So, what do you think about my list of the 5 iconic designer high heels? Do you agree with my choices, or have something to add? Sound off in the comments below!

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