Fall/Winter Handbag Trends 2019

Fall/Winter Handbag Trends 2019

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September is here and it means that it’s time to switch out our summer bags. Wanna stay on trend this fall? Take a look at the most current handbag trends for Fall/Winter 2019.

1. 70’s inspired bags

Minimalistic and elegant: 70’s bags are back! These are the bags of rectangular shape with curved edges. Such bags can often be worn both on the shoulder and as a crossbody. Burberry’s Medium Tb Leather Shoulder Bag and Celine’s Medium Triomphe Leather Shoulder Bag are both excellent examples of 70’s inspired bags.

Celine Medium Triomphe Leather Shoulder Bag
Celine Medium Triomphe Leather Shoulder Bag

2. Net bags

Fashion often gets inspiration from France. This is exactly where the net bag trend comes from. The net bag trend was inspired by the look of the totes one may see at the French markets. Net bags can be found at any price range. Designers like Prada and Vetements offer their luxe versions of net bags. However, one of the high-street brands – Staud, in particular, is known for their “Moreau” net bucket bag. Many of the style bloggers have been already spotted carrying the Staud’s “Moreau”. Many refer it as to an “it” bag at an accessible price point ($375). “Moreau” net bag is made from the calf leather and is lined in suede. If you want to try the net bag trend but are not eager to pay a “luxe” price, Staud’s “Moreau” bag is the one to look at.

Staud Moreau Bag
Staud Red Moreau mini leather bucket bag

3. Baguette Bags

Remember the famous Fendi Baguette bag from the Sex and the City series? This season, the iconic Baguette bag is making a big comeback. Since the Fendi Baguette first debuted in 1997, it has been released in numerous variations and over a million bags have been sold. According to Silvia Venturini Fendi, brand’s creative director (accessories), the relaunch of the Fendi Baguette bag was inspired by nostalgia, but this season we will see a “new age” baguette bag.

Fendi Baguette Bag
Fendi Baguette Mini

Overall, Baguette bags are expected to be hugely popular this season. Apart from Fendi, a number of high-street and fast-fashion brands have picked up the trend and came up with their own versions of the Baguette bag. So, the good news is that everyone can achieve the look!

4. Micro Bags

I am sure you have already heard of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag, or haven’t you? A bag that is no bigger than your palm, earlier this year Le Chiquito bag has made numerous headlines. This is the bag that holds no more than a few coins. Nonetheless, being absolutely impractical, this fall, runways are basically flooded with bags of the size of Le Chiquito. Moreover, it seems that the trend has picked up. Today we often see tiny purses carried as cute accessories for special occasions.

Jacquemus Black Le Chiquito Bag
Jacquemus Black Le Chiquito Bag

5. Soft Bags

Another huge handbag trend of this fall is soft bags. You might have already seen celebrities and fashion influencers rocking “The Pouch” clutch from Bottega Veneta. Moreover, many consider “The Pouch” the fashion World’s latest It bag. The bag is currently sold out on both MyTheresa and Net-a-Porter.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch clutch
Bottega Veneta The Pouch clutch

Various alternatives to “The Pouch” exist with the high-street and fast fashion brands. If you like the look but are not willing to pay the Bottega Veneta price, make sure to check out the latest season clutches at Zara.

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