Chanel's 24C Star Bag is Here

Chanel’s 24C Star Bag is Here

While Chanel is widely renowned for its classic handbags, the brand’s novelty designs are just as sought after. A good example is the vintage Chanel Heart Bag from the 90s which remains in high demand till this day (just like its newer version from 2022). Oh, and let’s also not forget the iconic Chanel Hula-Hoop Bag, which was launched for Spring/Summer 2013, as well as the No.5 Perfume Bottle Bag from 2014. Collectibles at their core, these limited edition creations make a bold fashion statement, while at the same time showcasing Chanel’s ability to blend humor with luxury. The brand’s latest Star Bag is no exception.

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The Chanel Star Bag

Introduced during Chanel’s Cruise 2024 Show, the Chanel Star Bag takes inspiration from the real-life star! And before you call me out, yes, I also believe this is pretty tacky. However, star bags have been trending for quite some time now. That’s right, Chanel is not the only brand that has released a star bag recently. Coach did too (I actually think their star-shaped bags are pretty cute), just like did Dior and Versace. With that being said, most designer star-shaped bags live in children’s sections. But not as if that has ever stopped us from wearing something!

Chanel Star Bag Black Satin
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Arriving in an array of striking variations (metallic leather with gold-tone hardware, black tweed with gold and hot-pink satin with black piping), each of those completed with a long shoulder strap, the Chanel Star Bag is a novelty piece at its finest. Though we should really give Chanel some credit for trying to incorporate as many of the classic Chanel elements into the design as possible, such as the iconic quilting, as well as the CC logo on the front of the bag.

Chanel's 24C Star Bag is Here
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Actually, the CC logo on the Star bag is placed just like the CC logo found on the vintage Chanel Heart Bag from the 90s. Do we think this is a coincidence? Or, is it a way for Chanel to pay homage to the iconic design? Which, by the way, resells for astronomic amounts through the pre-loved market (the cheapest vintage Heart Bag I could find is like $22,000!!!). The new Star Bag, however, is also by no means, cheap, arriving for $5,900 in leather and quilted satin and $5,400 in tweed.

But could the new Chanel Star Bag really become the “New Heart Bag”? Well, time will tell. Though we must admit that the Chanel Star Bag would make for a fantastic handbag for those who are after something truly distinctive and outside the norm. Available right now via Chanel boutiques around the world.

Chanel Star Bag
Media Credit: Instagram @threadsstyling

A short history of Chanel novelty bags

The Chanel novelty bag tradition dates back to the early 2000s, when the late Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced the minaudière. Often made of plexiglass and acrylic, these miniature, yet impactful creations were typically designed to match the theme (as we all know, Karl Lagerfeld has always loved a good theme), or the location of the collection’s runway show. Numerous designs have been produced to date, incl. the iconic Hula-Hoop and Lego bags. And even more are coming, as Chanel’s new creative director, Virginie Viard, has committed to continuing the tradition.

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