Fendi Fendigraphy Bag

Spring 2022 It Bag Alert: Fendi Fendigraphy Bag

If you haven’t added a Fendi First bag to your collection yet, you might want to wait until you see their new Fendigraphy bag! Revealed on brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway, the Fendigraphy Bag is Fendi’s take on the timeless hobo silhouette and the fashion crowd is already obsessed!

Defined by its crescent-like shape with a bold Fendi metal logo decorating the bottom of the bag, the Fendi Fendigraphy bag is the one that instantly makes a statement. And as with any other Fendi bag, there are multiple wear options. Coming with an adjustable strap that lets you create an armhole that fits you perfectly, the bag is extremely comfortable to carry under the arm. Wear it this way to reveal the striking Fendi logo for everyone to see, hold it as a top handle, or remove the shoulder strap completely to swap for one of Fendi’s interchangeable straps for hands-free practicality. The ultimate versatile style icon – the Fendi Fendigraphy bag was designed with wearability in mind.

Fendi Fendigraphy Bag
Media Credit: @fendi

The versatility of the Fendi Fendigraphy bag is further expressed by the variety of sizes and materials it’s offered in. The bag comes available in three different sizes including the super adorable Nano Fendigraphy Charm. Micro bag fans will love this one. Measuring 16.5 centimeters in length and 14 cm in height, the Nano Fendigraphy Charm can be worn on the wrist or over the shoulder/crossbody, as it comes with hooks for the shoulder strap. Attach any strap you like and rock it like a trendy micro bag!

Nano Fendigraphy Charm
Media Credit: @pamallier

The three sizes of the Fendi Fendigraphy bag

Fendi Fendigraphy Bag StyleSize (cm)Size (inches)
Nano Fendigraphy Charm16.5 x 14 x 5 cm6.5” x 5.5” x 2”
Small Fendigraphy Bag29 x 24.5 x 10 cm11.4” x 9.6” x 3.9”
Medium Fendigraphy Bag36 x 30 x 11 cm14.2” x 11.8” x 4.3”

* measurements in inches are converted from cm.

Coming in multiple materials, incl. smooth leather, laminated leather, suede, as well as, exotics, there is a Fendi Fendigraphy bag out there for every taste, even the most extravagant one. Choose from a variety of classic and metallic shades, or go for an exclusive multicolor, multi-leather version – the Fendi Fendigraphy bag is this season’s must-have!

What are your thoughts on the new Fendi Fendigraphy bag? Do you like it better than the Fendi First? Let me know in the comments below!

Powerful, feminine and ultra-modern — the Fendi Fendigraphy bag is available right now in Fendi boutiques around the World, as well as, on fendi.com

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