The First Louis Vuitton Price Increase for 2022 is Here

The First Louis Vuitton Price Increase for 2022 is Here

I remember buying a Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette for $310 in 2019. Fast forward to February 2022. It’s now $745. Yes, another Louis Vuitton price increase just hit and this time around it came as a big shock. I personally didn’t expect another one to happen until late Spring. Quite frankly, we just had a price increase several months ago – in October 2021, to be exact. So, why did we get another one this quickly? 

Well, according to Louis Vuitton, this particular price increase came as a result of continuously increasing production costs, as well as inflation. And they aren’t the first brand to state this. Chanel and Hermes have both previously cited inflation and supply chain issues as major causes of their price hikes. 

I don’t know how about you, but I personally can’t believe it’s just the inflation and supply chain issues that are responsible for the multiple price hikes that we’ve seen lately. I think the real reason lies in the growing demand for luxury goods. But, that’s the whole other topic. For now, let’s go ahead and review the new prices on popular Louis Vuitton items as per February 16th 2022 price increase.

The First Louis Vuitton Price Increase for 2022 is Here
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Louis Vuitton February 2022 Price Increase

ItemOld PriceNew Price (February 2021)Price increase (%)
Mini Pochette Accessoires$540$74537.96%
Pochette Accessoires$1,050$1,29022.86%
Speedy 25 Monogram Canvas$1,350$1,49010.37%
Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas$1,370$1,55013.14%
Speedy B25 Monogram Canvas$1,690$1,8207.69%
Speedy B30 Monogram Canvas$1,740$1,8908.62%
Neverfull PM Monogram Canvas$1,620$1,96020.99%
Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas$1,690$2,03020.12%
Neverfull GM Monogram Canvas$1,760$2,10019.32%
Alma BB Monogram Canvas$1,620$1,7608.64%
Pochette Metis (Monogram Canvas)$2,360$2,5708.90%
Pochette Metis (Reverse Monogram Canvas)$2,360$2,5708.90%
Capucines Mini$4,850$6,10025.77%
Capucines BB$5,650$6,75019.47%
Capucines MM$6,350$7,70021.26%
Onthego MM$2,840$3,1009.15%
Onthego GM$2,970$3,2509.43%
Multi Pochette Accessoires$2,360$2,5708.90%
Palm Springs Mini$2,300$2,4406.09%
Coussin PM$3,900$4,70020.51%
Coussin MM$4,300$5,40025.58%

As mentioned earlier, the Mini Pochette now retails for $745 + tax in the United States. That’s a whopping 38 percent price increase from the previous retail price of $540. And here we are talking about the Mini Pochette in classic Monogram Canvas. Versions in Bicolor Monogram Empreinte and Monogram Vernis leathers will retail for $880 and $845 + tax. I can only imagine how much they are gonna charge for a seasonal Christmas Animation Mini Pochette now!

The price increase on this next item is even crazier! If you look at the price of the Pochette Accessories prior to the October 2021 price increase and after the latest February 2022 price hike, you will realize that in a mere 6 months, the bag has gone up for over 60 percent. Isn’t that insane? Before the October 2021 price increase, the bag used to retail for $790. Then it went up to $1,050. Fast forward to February 2022, it’s now $1,290. The question is, would you still buy it at this price?

Fan-favorites like the Neverfull, Speedy and Alma also haven’t been spared in this price increase. The trusty Neverfull MM went up from $1,690 to $2,030, which corresponds to a price hike of 20 percent. The Speedy 25 is now $1,490, while the popular Alma BB is up to $1,760 from $1,620.

The classic Louis Vuitton Capucines went up in price between 19 and 26 percent. Now be ready to pay $6,100 for the Mini, $6,750 for the Capucines BB and $7,700 for the MM version.

Popular styles like the Palm Springs Mini, the Onthego tote and the Multi Pochette Accessoires also followed the suit. The Palm Springs Mini increased in price by 6 percent, going up from $2,300 to $2,440. Onthego MM and GM bags in canvas now retail for $3,100 and $3,250 respectively, while the Multi Pochette Accessoires climbed up to a biting price tag of $2,570.

The trendy Coussin bag has too been impacted. It’s so crazy to think how the bag has already been through two major price hikes, when it was just released last spring. As a result of February 2022 price increase, the Louis Vuitton Coussin PM now retails for $4,700, while the Coussin MM is now $5,400, implying price hikes of about 20 and 25 percent.

What are your thoughts on the latest price increase, Louis lovers? Would you still buy the Mini Pochette for $745? Sound off in the comments below!

Info on the October 2021 Louis Vuitton price increase here.

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