Hermes Bag Prices 2023: Europe vs. USA

Hermès Bag Price Guide 2023: Europe vs. USA

After seeing significant price hikes on Hermès handbags in Europe last month, everyone started wondering for how much the prices are going to increase here in the States. Well, wonder no more, as the Hermes U.S. price increase has just officially landed and I’ve got all the new prices.

And while we will be discussing the Hermès U.S. 2023 price increase here, why don’t we also compare the new Hermès prices in Europe with the new Hermès prices in the USA? I am pretty sure quite a lot of Hermès lovers are now curious if savings can still be made by shopping the brand abroad!

Hermes Price Increase 2023: Europe vs USA
Media Credit: Instagram @wongerisme

Advantages of shopping for luxury in Europe

In case if you didn’t know, historically, prices for luxury goods in Europe have always been cheaper than anywhere else. It’s just that the brand is typically the cheapest in its home market (which Europe is for the majority of luxury brands) due to the lack of export-related expenses, such as import fees and logistics costs. Furthermore, foreign shoppers in the EU are also often eligible for a VAT refund, which lets them save an additional 8 to 21 percent of the item’s cost (depending on the country they shop in).

New Hermes Bag Prices in Europe 2023

As mentioned earlier, Hermès 2023 price increase in Europe was a pretty significant one. However, it wasn’t like we weren’t warned about it beforehand.

The thing is that when presenting their Q3 Financial Results, Hermès announced the plan to hike its prices by 5 to 10 percent in 2023, citing increased costs and currency movements as reasons for the move. To be completely honest, not many Hermès lovers were surprised, as most businesses have been suffering lately due to explosive inflation. But nevertheless, many were still saddened by the news, as it meant that all of our beloved Hermes handbags were about to increase in price and significantly. And they sure did (at least in Europe).

Hermes Birkin Prices 2023
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Specifically, as a result of this price increase, the beloved Hermès Birkin Bag ended up going up in price between 8 and 9 percent in Europe, with the Birkin 25 in Togo leather now retailing for €8,050 instead of the old €7,400, the Birkin 30 in Togo going up by €750 to €8,900 and the Togo Birkin 35 increasing in price from €9,050 to €9,850. See a detailed comparison of the old and new Hermès Birkin prices in Europe in the table below: 

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Birkin 25 Togo€7,400€8,0508.8%
Birkin 30 Togo€8,150€8,9009.2%
Birkin 35 Togo€9,050€9,8508.8%

The popular Hermès Kelly Bag didn’t fall behind either, this time going up in price between 9 and 10 percent in Europe, instead of the typical 2 to 3. Namely, in 2023, get ready spend €8,650 for a Kelly 25 Sellier (Epsom) and €8,050 for a Kelly 25 Retourne (Togo), both of which have increased in price by 8 percent compared to last year.

Similarly, The Hermès Kelly 28 in Retourne also went up by 8.8 percent to a new retail price tag of €8,650. And actually, if we are going to talk Kelly’s, it’s worth mentioning that the highest price hike this time was on the Kelly 28 Sellier, which has increased in price by 9.6 percent and now costs €9,100 in Europe.

The popular Mini Kelly also hasn’t been spared — the fan-favorite mini bag now retails for €6,700 in Europe instead of the old €6,150, which implies a price increase of about 9 percent.

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Mini Kelly 20 Epsom€6,150€6,7008.9%
Kelly 25 Epsom Sellier€7,950€8,6508.8%
Kelly 25 Togo Retourne€7,400€8,0508.8%
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier€8,300€9,1009.6%
Kelly 28 Togo Retourne€7,950€8,6508.8%
Kelly 32 Epsom Sellier€9,050€9,8508.8%
Kelly 32 Togo Retourne€8,450€9,2008.9%

Now, want to know which handbag was impacted the most by the Hermès 2023 price increase in Europe? You won’t believe it, but it’s actually the Constance!

Hermes Epsom Constance 18 Mauve Sylvestre
Media Credit: Fashionphile

Specifically, the Hermès Constance 18 in Epsom leather is now going to set you back €6,700 instead of the previous EUR5,850, implying the whopping 14.5 percent price hike!

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Constance 18 Epsom€5,850€6,70014.5%
Constance 24 Epsom€7,500€7,9005.3%
Constance Long To Go Wallet€4,300€4,6007.0%
Evelyne 16 (TPM)€1,450€1,5708.3%
Mini Lindy€4,700€5,1008.5%
Garden Party 30€2,650€2,9009.4%
Herbag Zip 31€1,960€2,17010.7%
Picotin 18€2,120€2,38012.3%
Picotin 22€2,310€2,55010.4%
24/24 Mini€6,200€6,7508.9%
Bolide 1923-25€4,650€5,30014.0%

U.S. Hermes Price Increase 2023: New Prices on Bags in the USA

It goes without saying that as soon as the Hermès 2023 price increase has landed in Europe, people started speculating about the percentage increases we are going to see here in the States. And let me tell you right off the bat — it didn’t end up being nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be.

Sure, some bags did go up in price and by quite a lot. However, there have also been styles that have increased in price by way less than we expected — particularly the Birkin bag, which went up between 2 and 3 percent across the popular sizes in the U.S., while in Europe the same bag has suffered an 8 to 9 percent price increase.

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Birkin 25 Togo$10,100$10,4003.0%
Birkin 30 Togo$11,300$11,6002.7%
Birkin 35 Togo$12,400$12,7002.4%

As a result of the February 2023 Hermès price increase in the U.S., the Hermès Kelly 25 now costs $10,900 in Retourne and $11,300 in Sellier. Actually, the Kelly 25 in Retourne ended up increasing in price for a full thousand dollars this time, which makes it one of the most significant Hermès price increases U.S. has seen in a while.

Hermes Kelly Prices 2023
Media Credit: Instagram @ingridwilkinson

Kelly 28 in Retourne now retails for $11,300 in the U.S, which implies a 6 percent price increase from its old retail price of $10,600, while the same bag in Sellier will now set you back $11,800 — roughly 5 percent more than before.

Price increases on the Mini Kelly Bag also weren’t left unnoticed. Specifically, get ready to spend $8,700 on the Mini Kelly in Epsom leather in 2023, while the same bag in Chèvre will now cost you $9,450.

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Mini Kelly 20 Epsom$8,250$8,7005.45%
Kelly 25 Epsom Sellier$10,600$11,3006.60%
Kelly 25 Togo Retourne$9,900$10,90010.10%
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier$11,200$11,8005.36%
Kelly 28 Togo Retourne$10,600$11,3006.60%
Kelly 32 Togo Retourne$11,300$12,0006.19%

The Constance 18 in Epsom leather now comes at a new price tag of $8,950 in the U.S., which corresponds to a roughly 13 percent price increase from its old retail price of $7,950.

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2022)New Price (2023)Price Increase (%)
Constance 18 Epsom$7,950$8,95012.6%
Constance Long To Go Wallet$5,350$5,8509.35%
Evelyne 16 (TPM)$1,900$2,0507.89%
Mini Lindy$6,400$6,6503.91%
Garden Party 30$3,550$3,7756.34%
Herbag Zip 31$2,675$2,8255.61%
Picotin 18$2,875$3,0255.22%
Picotin 22$3,150$3,3255.56%
24/24 Mini$8,450$8,8004.14%
Bolide 1923-25$6,300$6,8508.73%

Is it still cheaper to buy a Birkin, or Kelly in Europe in 2023?

Are you planning a trip to Europe and want to know if it’s still cheaper to buy a Birkin or Kelly there? Well, it definitely is! As you can see from the table below, even after the recent price hikes, both the Birkin and Kelly are still significantly cheaper in Europe than in America.

Hermes Bag StyleCurent Price in the U.S.Current Price in EuropeEURO Price Converted to USD
Birkin 25 Togo$10,400€8,050$8,627
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier$11,800€9,100$9,752
Constance 18 Epsom$8,950€6,700$7,180

Exchange rate used for calculations: 1 EUR = 1.07 USD. Given the daily fluctuations, converted values in the table are always subject to change.

Specifically, at today’s exchange rate (1EUR=1.07 USD), current Euro price of the Togo Birkin 25 (€8,050) translates to approximately $8,627, which is $1,773 less than the current retail price of the Togo Birkin 25 in the States ($10,400). Yes, you could potentially save $1,773 by just purchasing the bag in, let’s say, Paris! And actually, that’s not all, because a foreign shopper in Paris can also apply for the VAT refund of 10 percent, which means that you’ll be getting an extra €805 back! Incredible, isn’t it?

But well, don’t forget to declare your foreign purchases and pay import duties once you return back to the United States! Just FYI: the first $800 is duty-free, the next $1,000 is charged at a rate of 3% of the cost of the item and the rest is calculated at a rate of 9%. For example, for a Togo Birkin 25, you will be looking at an import duty of about $650, which is seriously pennies — especially when considering the total savings you are gonna make by purchasing the bag abroad!

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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