Chanel Price Increase March 2023

Chanel Price Increase March 2023

I could have said that I’m surprised, but to be completely honest, I’m really not. Yes, you’ve read the title of this article right — the first major Chanel price increase for 2023 is upon us! 

Actually, I am feeling really sorry for all the Chanel lovers in Europe this time, as this is the second Chanel price increase in the region since August 2022. If you can recall, back then, the Classic Flap increased in price by about 9 percent across the popular sizes, with the Small Classic Flap going up from €7,750 to €8,450 and the Medium Classic Flap rising from €8,250 to €8,990. And it’s about to happen again. Though this time, in addition to hiking their prices in Europe, Chanel will also be increasing their prices everywhere else. 

Yes, Chanel lovers in the U.S. should also prepare for impact! After all, prices on Classic Flaps in the U.S. have last increased in November 2021, meaning that it’s been quite some without a major Chanel price increase here in the States. 

And with regards to when we should expect the Chanel 2023 price increase to happen, the answer is — today, March 2nd. But if seriously, Chanel prices have already increased around the World yesterday, on March 1st. Hence why today I cannot wait, but share with you the new Chanel bag prices in both USA and Europe.

Chanel Price Increase March 2023
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Chanel Classic Flap: New Retail Prices in the U.S. (March 2023)

As you can see from the table below, the 2023 Chanel price increase has indeed turned out to be a pretty significant one in the U.S., with the Classic Flap going up in price between 15 and 17 percent across the different sizes.

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Chanel Bag StyleOld PriceNew Price (March 2023)Price Increase (%)
Small Classic Flap$8,200$9,60017.1%
Medium Classic Flap$8,800$10,20015.9%
Jumbo Classic Flap$9,500$11,00015.8%
Mini Flap (Square)$4,200$4,70011.9%
Mini Flap (Rectangular)$4,400$4,90011.4%
Mini Top Handle$4,800$5,40012.5%

Particularly, the Small Classic Flap is now $9,600, which represents a 17 percent price increase from its old retail price of $8,200. Medium and Jumbo have both increased for about 15 percent each, with the Medium Classic Flap now going for $10,200 and the Jumbo for $11,000.

Chanel Medium Classic Flap Caviar Pink
Media Credit: Fashionphile

Actually, you might have noticed that I haven’t listed the new price for the Maxi Classic Flap here. Well, that’s because when you click on the Maxi on Chanel’s website, it now says “price upon request”. I guess the bag is simply too expensive now. But just in case, prior to this price increase, the Maxi used to retail for $10,000.

New Prices on Other Popular Chanel Bags in the U.S. (March 2023)

Wondering if the Chanel Trendy CC is a very popular bag here in the U.S.? Because I can’t find any other feasible explanation for why this bag would suddenly go up in price for whopping 21 percent!

Chanel Bag StyleOld PriceNew Price (March 2023)Price Increase (%)
Classic WOC$2,950$3,35013.6%
Small Boy Bag$5,600$6,1008.9%
Medium Boy Bag$5,900$6,60011.9%
Mini Coco Handle$5,000$5,90018.0%
Trendy CC$5,700$6,90021.1%
Chanel 19 Small$5,700$6,40012.3%
Chanel 19 Large$6,300$6,8007.9%
Chanel 22$5,300$5,8009.4%

Chanel Price Increase in Europe (March 2023)

Think it might be a good idea to get on a plane and go shopping for Chanel bags in Europe? Well, you might want to re-think this, as the March 2023 Chanel price increase has had a pretty major impact on handbag prices there too.

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Particularly, the Small Classic Flap now retails for €9,300 in Europe, which represents a 10 percent price increase from its old retail price of €8,450.

The Medium and Jumbo Classic Flaps have also gone through substantial price hikes this time, going up in price by roughly 8 percent, to €9,700 and €10,500 respectively.

Chanel Bag StyleOld PriceNew Price (March 2023)Price Increase (%)
Small Classic Flap€8,450€9,30010.1%
Medium Classic Flap€8,990€9,7007.9%
Jumbo Classic Flap€9,700€10,5008.2%
Mini Flap (Square)€4,150€4,5008.4%
Mini Flap (Rectangular)€4,350€4,7008.0%
Mini Top Handle€4,750€5,1508.4%

So, is it still cheaper to buy a Classic Flap in Europe in 2023? From what it looks like right now, yes, buying the bag abroad is still cheaper. However, not so much because of the price differences between regions, but because of the VAT refund that foreign tourists can claim in Europe.

With that being said, definitely let me know in the comments below if this price increase has impacted your shopping plans!

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