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What to buy from the Louis Vuitton Game On Cruise 2021 Collection?

The Louis Vuitton Game On Cruise 2021 collection is set to launch Worldwide in the coming weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. Cruise collections are typically aimed at shoppers who have finished buying their seasonal wardrobes and are looking forward to travel. Let’s be honest, a travel wardrobe isn’t something on our priority lists at the moment, as Covid-19 pandemic has made travel nearly impossible. However, while we wait for the pandemic to end, why not use this time to take a journey within ourselves? That’s the message that Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director of Louis Vuitton is sending us with the Game On Cruise Collection. For the Cruise 2021, Nicolas Ghesquière is taking us on a stationary journey inward, exploring his creative identity, the past, the present and the future.

The Louis Vuitton Game On Cruise Collection reminds us that fashion is game. For the collection, Nicolas Ghesquière took inspiration from a deck of cards. Endless possibilities of games can be played with just one deck. Moreover, much like fashion, a deck of cards creates togetherness through entertainment. Cards symbolize both playfulness and illusion and this symbolism is artfully interpreted in the Game On. In the ready-to-wear pieces, Nicolas Ghesquière mixes patterns and colors, as well as, plays with many different silhouettes. However, year after year, one specific category of items in the Cruise Collection draws most of the attention. Those are leather goods. Every year, Louis Vuitton brings us several statement bags for the Cruise. Lovers of classic Louis Vuitton handbags aren’t left out either. Actually, this season, the classic LV handbag styles like the Speedy and the Neverfull are getting major playful makeovers!

Typically, Louis Vuitton presents their cruise collections in spectacular shows. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, this year, it was decided to showcase the collection at designer’s private studio at LV’s Pont-Neuf Paris headquarters. Then, the Game On 2021 Cruise Collection was presented in a series of images and videos on brand’s Instagram.

Several pieces from the collection have caught my eye immediately as I first saw them. I don’t know how about you, but luxury brand Cruise Collections have always given me limited edition vibes. In this blog post, in anticipation of the launch of the Game On, I would like to share with you the pieces that I think are worth buying.

Game On Cœur Bag

Louis Vuitton Game On Cœur bag
Game On Cœur Bag. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

The superstar of the Game On collection is, without a doubt, the Heart Bag, or how Louis Vuitton calls it: Game On Cœur Bag. Actually, the Heart bag shape isn’t anything new for the brand. Earlier in 2020, just before Valentine’s Day, Louis Vuitton came out with the exclusive-edition New Wave Heart Bag. Just like other bags in the New Wave range, this one was made of quilted calf leather with a LV emblem in aged-gold hardware emblazoned across the front. However, this bag was a limited edition. Thus, we are no longer able to purchase the New Wave Heart Bag in boutiques. Either way, we cannot complain, as for Game On Cruise 2021, Louis Vuitton is bringing us the Cœur Bag and it’s so adorable! The Game on Cœur Bag is made of the classic LV Monogram Canvas, but with a twist: there is a small bright red heart on the top left, echoing the bag’s shape. The bag features a double-zip closure and microfiber lining. It also comes with an adjustable strap for comfortable shoulder/crossbody wear. The Game on Cœur Bag, in my opinion, is one of the cutest Louis Vuitton bags ever produced. Not even to mention that the bag has already made a lot of noise on social media. This one is going to be the top seller from the collection, I can feel it!

Game On Speedy Bandoulière 30

Louis Vuitton Game On Speedy Bandoulière 30
Game On Speedy Bandoulière 30 Bag. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

Did you know that the Speedy 30 was the very first handbag from Louis Vuitton? Arguably, the most iconic out of all LV handbags, the Speedy is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. When you see a Speedy, you immediately recognize that it’s Louis Vuitton! Limited edition Speedy bags have always been a hot commodity among LV collectors. These bags perform really well on the resale market, which is one of the reasons why they are so highly sought-after. The Game On Speedy Bandoulière 30 bag features classic LV Monogram canvas with colorful prints of oversized Monogram Flowers. As a reference to the theme of the 2021 Cruise, the bag features a card-shaped flat pocket on the side. In addition, the Game On Speedy 30 comes with a removable bandoulière shoulder strap which allows for comfortable shoulder carry.

Game On Neverfull MM

Louis Vuitton Game On Neverfull MM tote bag
Game On Neverfull MM. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

Many call this bag the ultimate luxury tote, what what’s so special about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull? The bag is incredibly lightweight and roomy, even in its smallest size! The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in three sizes: PM, MM and GM. PM is the smallest size, GM is the largest size and MM is somewhere in between (the medium). For the Cruise 2021, Louis Vuitton is bringing us not one, not two, but three new Neverfull’s! Yes, they certainly must be aware at LV that this bag is a fan favorite! For the Game On Cruise 2021 Collection, the classic Neverfull is getting a major playfull makeover! All three Cruise 2021 Neverfull versions come in the MM size. One of the bags comes in classic Monogram Canvas blended with Monogram Flowers and symbols of playing card suits. In two other bags, Monogram Flowers are getting replaced with the multicoloured motif with red hearts. All three Cruise 2021 Neverfull’s feature an outside pocket which looks like a playing card. They also come with a removable zipped pouch, whose design was influenced by a deck of cards.

Game On Toiletry Pouch 26

Louis Vuitton Game On Toiletry Pouch 26
Game On Toiletry Pouch 26. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

Ever wondered why classic Monogram Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouches are always out of stock? Yes, me too! Those pieces are so popular that they usually sell out the same day they are in. I, personally, haven’t been lucky yet to score a Toiletry 26 in a boutique. The truth is that this SLG is incredibly popular with beginner luxury buyers. I’ve seen many fellow bloggers rocking the Toiletry 26 as a clutch. Actually, some go even further by adding d-rings and a metal chain, this way transforming the pouch into a shoulder bag. Indeed, the Toiletry Pouch 26 is a very versatile piece. Featuring spacious interior with washable lining and a zip closure, it provides easy storage for your belongings. The Game On Toiletry Pouch 26 is made of classic LV Monogram Canvas, featuring oversized prints in bold colours inspired by playing card suits. One of my personal favorites from the Game On Collection, this one is likely to sell out quick!

Game On Card Holder

Louis Vuitton Game On Card holder
Game On Card Holder. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

I must admit I am a sucker for SLG’s. I fell in love with the Game On Card Holder as soon as I saw it. Can it get more adorable that this? I think that the Louis Vuitton Game On Card Holder is the item that perfectly embodies the theme of this cruise collection. It literally reminds me of an actual playing card! This card holder is such a master piece! The design incorporates a red heart on a white background along with LV initials and a Monogram Flower. The front of this card holder is Transformed Epi Leather, while the back is Monogram Canvas. Size-wise, the Game On Card Holder is comparable with the classic Louis Vuitton card holder with three card slots. Let me tell you: if you are only going to get one piece from the Game On Cruise Collection, get the Card Holder. It’s so gorgeous and unique. I will be trying to score it as soon as the Cruise 2021 launches in my local boutique!

So, are you ready for the Game On? Preview the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 Collection at LouisVuitton.com

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