Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi Pochette Bag Guide

Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette Bag Guide

It looks like Louis Vuitton has decided to capitalize max on the popularity of the Multi-Pochette Accessoires. Don’t get me wrong. I really like the Multi-Pochette. However, have you seen the brand new Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette? Back when the original Multi-Pochette Accessoires was released in September 2019, many were unsatisfied with the fact that the bag is only available in Monogram Canvas. While LV’s Monogram Canvas are undeniably iconic, many of us, handbag lovers, still give preference to genuine leather bags. So, in a way, prayers of those who wanted the Multi-Pochette in a leather option were heard. The Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette is a great alternative for those that like the idea of the Multi-Pochette, but prefer leather to canvas.

The Louis Vuitton New Wave range is known for the soft, smooth to touch, calf leather and the distinct wave-like quilting. Actually, the wave-like quilting was inspired by a forgotten House pattern. The New Wave Multi-Pochette, just like its predecessor, comes with a jacquard strap. However, this time, the Louis Vuitton logo on the strap is stiched in a cursive font. Unlike the original Multi-Pochette Accessoires, the New Wave Multi-Pochette comes with a single pouch. In addition, the bag features a short chain strap and a round coin purse in the “New Wave” chevron design.

Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette Accessoires
Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette Accessoires. Media Credit: louisvuitton.com

The definition of the Multi-Pochette Accessoires is a versatile crossbody bag. Wear it as you want to: all elements are removable! Detach the round coin purse along with the jacquard strap and you have a fabulous mini flap bag. Detach the chain strap too and you have a chic evening clutch. Wear options with the LV Multi-Pochette are endless; which truly makes it a definition of a versatile fashion accessory.

Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette Size & Prices (September 2020)


Size (cm)

Size (inches)

Price (USD)

Price (EUR)

Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette

19 x 14 x 5

7.5 x 5.5 x 2.0



The LV New Wave Multi-Pochette Bag comes in three colors: black, khaki and white. As of September 2020, the bag retails for $2,300 in the United States. Luxury lovers in Europe can purchase the bag at LV boutiques for €1,740. Actually, it’s worth mentioning that on the pre-loved sites, the New Wave Multi-Pochette currently sells for a premium. As the Multi-Pochette bag style is very popular at the moment, it’s quite difficult to come by in boutiques.

What do you think of the Louis Vuitton New Wave Multi-Pochette Bag? Would you buy it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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