YSL Price Increase May 2022

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Yet another price increase in the World of luxury fashion. This time from Saint Laurent. While this comes as no surprise (especially when considering current inflation numbers), it’s still a tough pill to swallow for many luxury lovers. The thing is that for the longest time Saint Laurent has remained relatively affordable compared to other luxury brands. But well, it looks like the brand is now on its way to catch up with its peers.

Effective May 1st, Saint Laurent prices have increased around the World making it the first major price increase from the brand in 2022 and the second one in the last twelve months. Yes, there has been another YSL price increase in November 2021. As you may recall, back then, most of the brand’s classic styles went up. This time around, it’s no different. However, with an addition of a price increase on an item that has never really been subject to price hikes before – the YSL Monogram Card Case. Keep scrolling to find out its new price, as well as new prices on other popular Saint Laurent items in the U.S. following the May 2022 price increase.

May 2022 YSL Price increase in the USA

Saint Laurent StyleOld Price (USD)New Price (May 2022)Price Increase (%)
Monogram Card Case$275$2957.27%
Mini Lou Camera Bag$1,390$1,4504.32%
Lou Camera Bag$1,490$1,5504.03%
Toy LouLou Bag$1,590$1,85016.35%
Small LouLou Bag$2,290$2,59013.10%
Medium LouLou Bag$2,490$2,85014.46%
Toy Puffer Bag$1,850$2,10013.51%
Small Puffer Bag$2,490$2,85014.46%
Medium Puffer Bag$2,750$3,10012.73%
Envelope Medium Bag$2,490$2,5904.02%
Niki Medium Bag$2,490$2,6908.03%
Rive Gauche Tote$1,490$1,69013.42%

*Source of prices: ysl.com

The May 2022 price increase saw price hikes for the majority of the popular Saint Laurent styles. Among them were the Lou Camera Bag, the Loulou and Loulou Puffer bags, just to name a few. However, without the doubt, the most unexpected price increase was on the Saint Laurent Monogram Card Case, which, if you think about it, has never really been included in price increases before. Now the fan-favorite SLG is going to retail for $295 in the U.S., which is a 7 percent price hike from its previously known retail price of $275.

Media Credit: Instagram @kyclosette

Out of all bags included in this price increase, the most shocking price hike was on the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Bag. The bag went up from $1,590 to $1,850 in the U.S. which is a whopping 16 percent price increase.

Talking about the Saint Laurent Loulou Bag. Price hikes on standard sizes also turned out to be pretty significant, with the Small Loulou going up from $2,290 to $2,590 and the Medium Loulou bag going up from $2,490 to $2,850.

The ever-popular YSL Lou Camera Bag also hasn’t been spared in this price increase. The practical crossbody will now cost you $1,550, which is $60 more of what it used to retail for prior to this price increase. Its mini cousin, the YSL Mini Lou Camera Bag, also went up for $60 to a new retail price of $1,450.

As a result of the May 2022 Saint Laurent price increase, the Saint Laurent Toy Puffer Bag went up to $2,100, which is a $250 hike from its last-known retail price of $1,850. Small and Medium Saint Laurent Puffer bags have also suffered price hikes between 12 and 14 percent and now retail for $2,850 and $3,100 respectively.

Other popular styles that have been impacted by this price increase include the Saint Laurent Medium Envelope Bag, the Niki Bag and Rive Gauche Tote. Out of the three, the Rive Gauche Tote took the biggest hit. The bag has gone up in price for over 13 percent and now retails at $1,690 for the standard size.

The one item that has been excluded

YSL Monogram Wristlet Clutch
Media Credit: Instagram @cultstatus

As you can see, price increases on some items were pretty major. At first glance, it might even look like every popular Saint Laurent item was subject to price hikes this time. However, this isn’t true. One popular item that was surprisingly left out from this price increase is the YSL Monogram Wristlet Clutch. Extremely popular piece among both fashion bloggers and loyal YSL fans, the Monogram Wristlet Clutch has made tons of noise on social media due to its affordable price and practicality. I am actually really surprised that it hasn’t been included in this price increase. I guess, Saint Laurent has decided that it’s already enough with price increases on other styles. So, the Monogram Wristlet Clutch, for now, maintains its retail price of $725.

What are your thoughts on this latest YSL price increase? Would you still buy Saint Laurent at the new prices? Sound-off in the comments below!

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  1. Booo! I am a Saint Laurent fan, but this makes no sense. Another 20% increase in less than a year is excessive.

    1. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another one in November! Luxury brands have been obsessed with price increases lately.

  2. And I just bought the medium puffer bag in may… But better now than wait some years when it’s more pricey… sadly 🙂

    First I bought the loulou medium in april before price increase but needed to return it, and get an exchange from the website, the second bag was more worse, so instead of get a third loulou, I just got my money back… and after that I feel in love with the puffer, and that was 1 day after price increase… my life.. it was defently the ysl website failt, and I cinda lost some love from the brand because of that. 🙂

    1. Hi Kamilla & many thanks for your comment! I am so sorry to hear about your online shopping experience. That’s exactly why I prefer shopping in boutiques. Must have been such a hustle to have to return 2 bags! I hope you are very happy with the Medium Puffer Bag after all! I think it’s a very beautiful and practical bag. 🙂