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Saint Laurent Loulou Bag Guide

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If you love designer bags as much as I do, then you’ve likely heard of the Saint Laurent Loulou Bag. Initially launched in early 2017, today, the Loulou is one of the most sought after bags from Saint Laurent. The bag was named after LouLou de la Falaise, a fashion icon and an enduring muse to Yves Saint Laurent. Her eccentric, but elegant style has always been a topic of discussion. But, most importantly, the influence that LouLou de la Falaise and her style had on the YSL Fashion House is undeniable. She inspired numerous Yves Saint Laurent’s womenswear designs incl. the women’s tuxedo. Furthermore, for over 30 years, she worked along side Yves Saint Laurent, designing jewelry and accessories for the Fashion House.

The Saint Laurent Loulou is a modern take on brand’s iconic style. The bag features signature for Saint Laurent, Y-like quilting, completed with a Monogram YSL flap closure and a chain (or leather) strap. The Loulou comes in four sizes (Toy, Small, Medium and Large), a variety of different materials and several hardware finishes.

Considering to add a YSL Loulou Bag to your collection, but not sure which one you should get? Consider this blog post your practical guide to the Saint Laurent Loulou bag!

YSL Loulou Sizes

Bag Style

Size (cm)

Size (inches)

Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Bag20 x 14 x 77.8 x 5.5 x 2.7
Saint Laurent Small Loulou Bag25 x 17 x 99.8 x 6.6 x 3.5
Saint Laurent Medium Loulou Bag32 x 27 x 1112.5 x 10.5 x 4.3
Saint Laurent Large Loulou Bag38 x 27 x 1414.8 x 10.5 x 5.5

YSL Loulou Prices

Bag Style

Price in USD (October 2020)

Price in € (October 2020)

Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Bag$1,250€995
Saint Laurent Small Loulou Bag$1,990€1,590
Saint Laurent Medium Loulou Bag$2,150€1,790
Saint Laurent Large Loulou Bag$2,590€1,990

YSL Toy Loulou Bag

YSL Toy LouLou Bag
YSL Toy LouLou Bag. Media Credit: LuisaViaRoma

The smallest bag from the Saint Laurent Loulou line is the Toy Loulou. Measuring just 20cm in length and 14 cm in height, the bag, indeed, may seem quite petite. However, don’t let the size foul you! The Toy Loulou has space for all your necessities and more! On the inside, the bag features two main compartments divided by a thin slip pocket. In them you can comfortably accommodate an iPhone, a cardholder, a hand-sanitizer (a 2020 must-have!), keys and even some make-up essentials. There is also an extra zip-fastened internal pocket, perfect for cards and change.

Unlike other bags from the Saint Laurent Loulou line, the Toy Loulou comes with a full-leather strap instead of leather and chain strap. Actually, the Toy Loulou often gets criticized for its strap! Some argue, that the full-leather strap cheapens the bag. However, no one can deny that the strap is what makes this mini bag so versatile! The biggest advantage of the YSL Toy Loulou is that the strap is fully detachable which means that in addition to crossbody and shoulder wear you also get an option to wear the bag as a clutch! The shape and size of the Toy Loulou make it a beautiful clutch that fits perfectly into a hand.

So, it’s no surprise, that the Toy Loulou is a favorite among fashion bloggers and influencers. Furthermore, the bag often makes the list of the best designer mini bags. In addition, the YSL Toy Loulou Bag priced at $1,250 (October 2020 USD price), makes it an attractive choice for those looking to buy their first ever designer handbag.

YSL Small Loulou Bag

ysl small loulou bag
Saint Laurent Small LouLou Bag. Media Credit: farfetch.com

Feeling like the Toy Loulou is a little bit too small for you? Then, you might want to look into the Saint Laurent Small Loulou Bag. The Small Loulou, while still compact in profile, is more spacious in size than the Toy Loulou, measuring 25 cm in length and 17cm in height. In addition to what you can carry within the Toy Loulou, the Small Loulou will also accommodate a larger-sized iPhone (for example, an iPhone 11 Pro), a notebook and a small to medium-sized wallet. On the inside, the bag features two main interior compartments divided by a central, zip-fastened pocket and one open pocket.

Those that dislike the Toy Loulou for its full-leather strap, should really look into the Small Loulou instead. The bag features a leather and chain shoulder strap that can also be worn doubled. The strap drop on the Small Loulou Bag is 56 cm, which lets it sit comfortably both over the shoulder and crossbody. When doubled, the shoulder strap drop is 30 cm. Undeniably, the Small Loulou would make a perfect bag for multiple occasions. Wear it over the shoulder to the office, or crossbody when on a night-out. Dress it up or down. With the Small Loulou Bag you get countless wear options!

As multiple reviews online state, the Saint Laurent Small Loulou Bag is a great bag for smaller frames. As of October 2020, the bag retails for $1,990 in the United States and for €1,590 in Europe.

YSL Medium Loulou Bag

Saint Laurent Medium Loulou Bag
Saint Laurent Medium Loulou Bag. Media Credit: MyTheresa

Are you into larger and more practical bags? If yes, check out the Saint Laurent Loulou in the Medium size. In terms of design, the Medium Loulou Bag is similar to the Small Loulou, featuring the same chain and leather strap, as well as two interior compartments divided by a zip-fastened pocket. However, the Medium Loulou Bag measures 32 cm in length and 27 cm in height, which is a 7 cm size difference in length and 10 cm difference in height from the Small LouLou Bag. Hence, the YSL Medium Loulou is way more spacious.

In addition to fitting all of the essentials that fit into the Small Loulou, the Medium Loulou will also hold a tablet, a larger wallet and even a compact umbrella (a must-have during ever-changing Fall/Winter weather)! Strap that the YSL Medium Loulou Bag comes with can be doubled, just like the strap on the YSL Small Loulou Bag. However, the strap drop on the Medium Loulou is shorter. The single strap drop is 48 cm. When doubled, the strap drop is 26 cm. Perhaps, you can pull-off wearing the bag crossbody, but in my opinion, the Medium Loulou looks best worn over the shoulder.

According to multiple reviews online, if you are looking for a stylish work bag or a practical everyday shoulder bag, the YSL Medium Loulou is an excellent choice. As of October 2020, the bag retails for $2,150 in the United States and for €1,790 in Europe.

YSL Large Loulou Bag

Saint Laurent Large Loulou Bag
Saint Laurent Large Loulou Bag. Media Credit: Farfetch

Appreciate space? Then, the Saint Laurent Loulou in size Large is the bag for you! The Large Loulou measures 38cm in length and 27 in height. What can I say… this bag is extremely spacious! It will easily hold not only your essentials, but also a 13” laptop. The Saint Laurent Large Loulou Bag features the same two main compartments divided by a zip-fastened interior pocket.

The bag comes with the leather and chain strap which also doubles. The overall strap drop on the YSL Large Loulou is 49 cm. However, when doubled, the strap drop is 25 cm. The bag can be worn comfortably over the shoulder and, perphaps, even crossbody. Without a doubt, the Large Loulou is going to look absolutely fabulous on larger frames!

Maybe you are looking for a less pricey alternative to the Chanel Jumbo? The YSL Large Loulou Bag might be the one! The bag retails for $2,590 in the United States and €1,990 in Europe (October 2020 prices). Moreover, according to multiple reviews, the Large Loulou Bag is also excellent for travel. It’s a great carry-all bag that you can take onboard, in addition to your carry-on luggage.

YSL Loulou Materials and Hardware

Loulou bags come in an array of different materials. One of the most common leathers used in Loulou bags is Quilted Matelassé Calfskin. This leather is soft, supple and has a shiny finish to it. Loulou bags from Quilted Matelassé Calfskin feel extremely luxurious. However, one downside of this leather is its delicate nature. After wearing the bag for a while, you might start noticing some signs of wear, i.e. minor scratches and marks on the leather. Actually, I’ve looked into several reviews on the YSL Loulou bag online and many of them highlight that the YSL Quilted Matelassé Calfskin feels more durable than the Chanel Lambskin. Knowing well how Chanel Lambskin is prone to showing wear and tear, it’s a good thing to know that the YSL Quilted Matelassé Calfskin is holding up better.

Other materials that the Saint Laurent Loulou Bag comes in include Patent Leather, Quilted Suede, Quilted Metalic Calfskin, and Quilted Metalic Printed Calfskin.

When it comes to hardware, two most common types used in LouLou bags are the antique silver tone hardware and the bronze metal hardware. However, you can also find the Loulou bag with just silver tone or gold tone metal hardware,matte black hardware and bronze toned metal rope hardware. Check out this beautiful Saint Laurent Small Loulou bag in Quilted Suede with bronze toned metal rope hardware!

YSL small loulou bag in suede
Saint Laurent Small LouLou in Quilted Suede. Media Credit: mytheresa.com

Other bags in the YSL Loulou line

YSL Puffer bag
Saint Laurent LouLou Puffer Small. MyTheresa.com

Since the initial launch of the Saint Laurent Loulou in 2017, the Fashion House came out with several limited editions of the bag, as well as added the brand new bag to the Loulou line. It’s the Loulou Puffer. Puffer bags became huge around 2019 and it looks like the trend is here to stay for some time. The Puffer Loulou has the same features of the original Loulou bag, the quilting, the flap closure, the chain and leather strap, with the only difference being the puffy silhouette. Needless to say that the bag already has a strong fan-base. Actually, some even prefer it to the original Loulou. What do you think?

I hope this blog post was helpful!

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