Why You Should Never Buy Fake Designer Goods

You’ve always wanted to get that Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbag but it felt so challenging to save up for it. You are probably questioning yourself if it’s ever a good idea to buy a fake? Short answer no. But now let me explain why. Usually when we think of fake designer goods we imagine some guy selling them at the market or a woman at the Canal Street in NYC. But the truth is that we are often unaware of the dark and shady side of this business.

why you should never buy fake designer goods

Point 1:

You may not be aware that by buying fakes you are funding crime. Organized gangs are very often behind the business for counterfeit designer items. They then use the proceeds to fund some quite nasty things. Have you ever wondered why sellers of fakes usually take only cash? This is why. They can then use cash to fuel their criminal activities. This is therefore the first reason why I encourage you not to be a part of this and only buy genuine items from authorized retailers.

Point 2:

Majority of the counterfeit items come from China and very often the child labor is used in manufacturing. Would you support this?! I would never!

Many sellers of fakes would often say that they work at the factory where authentic items are made and that the item they are offering you is simply a leftover from the factory. Never trust this! Luxury brands would never allow this to happen!

Point 3:

Remember, that luxury brands have that inherent value behind them. A fake has no value and you probably would never be able to sell it. And again, selling fakes is illegal.

The bottom line:

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you feel embarrassed if someone actually notices that you are wearing a fake? I, personally, would! By wearing a fake, you are pretending to be someone you are not.

And the final thing I wanted to mention: if you love your luxury but can’t always afford the hefty price tag then buying preloved luxury is a good idea. There are a number of trusted pre-loved luxury retailers out there. Check out one of my personal favorites – Fashionphile.com

Definitely let me know what are your thoughts on this. I look forward to talking to you in the comments.

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