How to identify an Investment Bag

What is an investment bag and how to identify it? An investment bag is a bag that holds its value and/or if sold can generate a profit for it’s seller. Generally, if a bag remains popular for a very long period of time and the fashion house continues to produce it year after year, the resale value is likely to remain very strong.

Let’s take an example of the iconic Chanel Classic Flap. First introduced in 1950’s, re-mastered later in 1980’s and up till now this handbag has remained incredibly popular. Over more than 70 years the price has been increasing together with the bag’s popularity. What is more, Chanel continues producing the bag in a number of different options (sizes, colors, leathers). Another important fact to mention is that the bag is performing incredibly well at the resale market. Also, many people have earned on recent Chanel price increases. In 2010, Chanel Classic Flap retailed at $2,850, and by 2016 the bag value has increased to $4,900. That’s an incredible return on investment. Therefore, I also highly recommend that you look at the reseller market before purchasing any bag that you desire.

Some of the trusted sites are:

If you find that the bag has a strong value at the resale market, it might be a good idea to invest in it.

Even though the selling price at the resale market can be considered a good indicator of the price performance, don’t focus solely on that. Definitely also research both of the other factors I talked about earlier: popularity and production volume. Putting all of the three things together will help you come up with an accurate estimate of the handbags future value. Good luck!

I hope that this has been helpful! Let me know in the comments below what factors are you looking for when identifying if a particular bag is a good investment?

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