Fendi x Versace: Top 5 Picks from the Fendace Collection

Fendi x Versace: Top 5 Picks from the Fendace Collection

What happens when two iconic Italian Fashion Houses join their forces? The answer is: Fendace. Presented in September 2021 during the Milan Fashion Week, Fendace is a brainchild of Kim Jones, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Donatella Versace, and, arguably, the most iconic collab the Fashion World has ever seen. For the first time in fashion history, designers are swapping their spots, with Kim Jones taking on a task to create a collection for Versace and Donatella Versace to design a collection for Fendi. Call it “Versace by Fendi”, “Fendi by Versace”, or simply “Fendace”.

Fendi x Versace: Top 5 Picks from the Fendace Collection
Media Credit: Instagram @versace

Signature style codes of both Fashion Houses are seen throughout the collection. Furthermore, these are being mixed with each other. Think Fendi’s iconic FF Monogram paired with Versace’s Baroque print, or Versace’s legendary safety pins decorating classic Fendi pieces. From reimagined Fendi Baguette and Peekaboo handbags to co-branded Trigreca sneakers, the Fendace Collection is full of opulent and out-of-the-box styles that won’t leave any fashion lover indifferent. Now, when the collection has finally launched both in boutiques and online, I cannot wait, but share with you my top 5 picks.

1. Fendace Silk Baguette Bag ($3,590)

Fendace Silk Baguette Bag
Media Credit: fendi.com

Without a doubt, every single bag from the Fendace Collection is a collector’s piece. My personal favorite – the Fendace Silk Baguette Handbag. The iconic Fendi design reimagined with signature Versace elements, the Fendace Silk Baguette combines the fabulous Fendi FF logo with the Versace gold Baroque print. Finished with a magnetic clasp closure featuring the FF logo together with Versace’s famed Medusa emblem, the Fendace Silk Baguette Bag is a true collector’s must-have.

2. Fendace Metal Mesh Mini Dress ($30,925)

Fendace Metal Mesh Mini Dress
Media Credit: versace.com

One of the most expensive (and stunning) pieces from the entire Fendace Collection is the Fendace Metal Mesh Mini Dress. To be honest, this is likely my absolute favorite piece from the collection. Perfectly showcasing Versace’s maximalism spirit, the Fendace Metal Mesh Mini Dress marries Versace’s iconic metal mesh with Fendi’s equally iconic FF logo motif. Adorned with crystal-embellished Fendace hardware at the shoulder straps and supported by a satin boned corset, this pink mini dress is a complete red carpet look.

3. Fendace Bomber Jacket ($3,190)

Fendace Cropped Bomber Jacket
Media Credit: fendi.com

As soon as I saw the Fendace Cropped Bomber Jacket on the Fendace Runway, I fell in love. Made of silk twill with a multicolor Versace by Fendi print and all-over quilted FF motif, this bomber jacket is an absolute show-stopper. A cropped bomber jacket by itself is a silhouette that can be worn with everything. So, in terms of cost per wear, this one is gonna be a winner. Needless to say, that the Fendace Bomber Jacket will add a special touch to any of your looks!

4. Fendi Match Fendace Printed Satin Low-Tops ($930)

Fendace Printed Satin Low-Tops
Media Credit: fendi.com

I must admit, I’m not really a sneaker girl. However, there’s something about the Fendi Match sneakers from the Fendace Collection that make me wanna become one. Perhaps, it’s the combination of the Fendi FF logo with the Versace Baroque motif, or the look of laminated leather and suede together. Not sure what it really is, but I can see myself pairing these with nearly everything in the summer.

5. Fendace Necklace ($1,650)

Fendace Necklace
Media Credit: versace.com

What a better way to finish-off your looks, than with a limited edition Fendace Necklace. Featuring alternating Medusa, FF and Greca charms, the necklace is one of the highlights of the Fendace Collection. The three motifs together are a perfect representation of the creative union between Fendi and Versace. Designed by Donatella Versace, the Fendace Necklace is a playful take on both of the House’s storied symbols.

P.S. As you might have noticed, some of the items presented in the article link to Fendi, while others link to Versace. That’s because both Houses are stocking separate selections of items. Fendi stocks “Versace by Fendi” part of the Fendace Collection, while Versace is stocking “Fendi by Versace” items.

What’s your favorite piece from the Fendace Collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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