5 Hottest Bags for Summer 2022

Top 5 Designer Bags for Summer 2022

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With summer season just around the corner, it’s time to consider swapping out our beloved leather totes for something new and fresh. Perhaps you already have a bag on your mind? If not, just open up your Instagram! It’s long been known that as soon as the new season lands, all the must-have bags pop under the arms of our favorite celebrities and It girls. So, no need to browse the catwalks anymore in search for a new handbag. All the season’s hottest bags are to be found on social media. Actually, you don’t even have to go this far, because I’ve already done all the hard work for you and identified all the most popular designer handbags right now among the It Girls of the World. From y2k-inspired designs to oversized totes, keep scrolling to discover the top 5 designer bags for Summer 2022.

1. Balenciaga Le Cagole Shoulder Bag

Balenciaga Le Cagole XS
Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag. Media Credit: Nordstrom

The first bag that I would like to talk about today is Balenciaga Le Cagole. If you’ve been a long follower of my blog, you probably remember me mentioning this one in my article on the hottest handbag releases of Fall/Winter 2021. Well, it looks like my intuition didn’t fail me. In a mere 6 months following its release, the Balenciaga Le Cagole has turned into an It bag. To be honest, this comes as no surprise, considering the Fashion World’s current obsession with everything Y2K. The Balenciaga Le Cagole, after all, is a trendy iteration of the brand’s classic Motorcycle (a.k.a. City) Bag, which also happens to be one of the most iconic handbags of the era.

2. Fendi Fendigraphy Bag

Fendi Small Fendigraphy Bag
Fendi Small Fendigraphy Bag. Media Credit: 24S

Even if you only spend 10 seconds every day on social media, there’s a good chance that you saw one of your favorite influencers rocking this bag. Yes, I am talking about Fendi Fendigraphy. Revealed on Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway, the Fendigraphy Bag is defined by a crescent-like silhouette with bold Fendi branding on the bottom. Modern and rebellious, it’s a perfect bag for the summer season and beyond. The circular armhole is ideal for comfortable wear in the city, while bag’s detachable handle lets you play with many different straps and wear the bag multiple ways, including crossbody.

3. Givenchy Kenny Shoulder Bag

Givenchy Kenny Pink Shoulder Bag
Givenchy Kenny Shoulder Bag. Media Credit: SSENSE

First spotted on Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2022 runway, the Givenchy Kenny Bag is the brand’s latest It bag. Dubbed “Kenny” after Kendal Jenner’s nickname, the bag is House’s take on the now-trendy croissant shape. Featuring a soft, draped leather silhouette decorated with a polished cubic chain strap and a lock boasting brand’s signature 4G logo, the Givenchy Kenny is an effortlessly cool and versatile style. Already favorited by the It girls of the World, including Kendall Jenner herself, the Givenchy Kenny Bag is an accessory we’re about to see everywhere this summer.

4. Chanel 22 Bag

Chanel 22 Bag
Chanel 22 Bag. Media Credit: chanel.com

Say what you want about the Chanel 22 Bag, but you can’t deny the fact that it has been an enormous success. Designed by Virginie Viard as part of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the Chanel 22 Bag combines comfort and simplicity in an unstructured drawstring bag silhouette. Perhaps the Fashion World is finally craving for practical bags? Well, if that’s the case, Chanel 22 can do it all. Featuring a spacious interior with a removable pouch and an internal zipped pocket, the Chanel 22 is ready to take on any task, whether it is to carry your essentials to work, or to serve as a travel companion. It’s basically your “toss everything in, throw over the shoulder and go” type of bag, just from Chanel.

5. Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Mettalic Leather
Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Bag in Metallic Crinkled Leather. Media Credit: Nordstrom

Am I dreaming, or every single influencer these days owns a Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie? Since its arrival in early 2020, the Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Bag has become an influencer staple. And don’t expect this little cutie to go away anytime soon, because Bottega keeps releasing new iterations of the style. The latest iteration – the Mini Jodie in Metallic Crinkled Leather. Coming in a trendy chlorophyll green color, it’s a bag that instantly grabs your attention. This summer, expect to see this one a lot, as well as, older iterations of the Mini Jodie Bag. Especially, those in intrecciato leather and suede.

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