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Top 5 Handbag Releases That Defined 2021

And just like that, 2021 is coming to an end. Regardless how you feel about this year, we all must admit that it was a good one in fashion. Just take a look at how many incredible handbag releases we’ve witnessed this year. From Fendi First to Gucci Diana, 2021 was the year of new …

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Lady Dior Bag Size Comparison

By Posted on 0 4 m read

In September 1995, while attending the opening of the Cezanne exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, Bernadette Chirac, then-First Lady of France presented Diana, Princess of Wales with a brand new handbag from Dior – then nicknamed the Chouchou (which means “favorite” in French) – a style that had not yet been launched. Little …

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Dior’s New Micro Bags are this summer’s hottest accessory

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Just when we thought the micro-bag craze is about to be over, Dior proves us wrong. The new #DiorMicroBag series by Maria Grazia Chiuri takes iconic House bags and transforms them with miniature proportions. 

Think Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, Caro & Saddle bags, but in micro sizes. Yes, the bags still pack all …

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Top 5 Bags That You Can Pass Down to Future Generations

By Posted on 0 5 m read

Every time that I am about to buy a designer handbag, I ask myself: “will I be wearing this item in 10, or 20 years down the road?” Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy wearing fashion trends. It’s just that when it comes to luxury, I’ve always preferred splurging on pieces that I am …

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A Guide to Discontinued Dior Handbags

By Posted on 0 7 m read

Dior handbags have always been a symbol of class and elegance. Just think the iconic Lady Dior. However, Dior isn’t just about the Lady Dior bag. There’s way more to their handbag collection. In fact, over the years, Dior has released and discontinued many bags. And that’s a shame, because some of those styles were …

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The Cheapest Designer Bags You Can Afford

By Posted on 0 9 m read

Have you ever wondered what’s the cheapest bag at Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermès? If you are into luxury bags, I bet, you’ve had this question on your mind at least once. In the world of constant luxury price increases, the topic of affordable designer bags couldn’t be more relevant.

Of course, we …

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Dior Caro Bag Reference Guide

While some brands kick off 2021 with price increases (Hi, Chanel), Dior goes ahead and releases the new “it” bag! Introducing the latest addition to Dior handbag line-up, the Caro bag! First introduced on Dior’s Cruise 2021 runway, the Caro Bag pays tribute to Christian Dior’s younger sister Catherine, known affectionately as “Caro”. Inspired by traditional Dior house …

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Dior Bobby Bag Reference Guide

By Posted on 0 2 m read

The Dior Bobby bag has finally hit the boutiques! We were first introduced to the Bobby Bag in Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 Collection. However, everyone started to really talk about the bag once it has reappeared in the House’s Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show. The shape and design of the bag had many luxury lovers think that …

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Dior Price Increase 2020

By Posted on 0 3 m read

Yet another price increase in the World of luxury fashion. Dior has decided to follow Louis Vuitton and Chanel by increasing prices on their popular bags. Specifically, in the United States, in the beginning of July 2020, prices on many Dior handbags have increased for over 10 percent! The price increase has touched the classic …

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