Dior Price Increase July 2023

Dior Price Increase July 2023

Around a week ago, rumors started circulating online about a global Dior price increase happening in the beginning of July. And sure thing, it happened. That’s right, on July 5th, 2023 Dior prices have increased around the World yet again. Interestingly, this is already the second Dior price increase happening this year. If you can recall, back in January of 2023 Dior prices have increased around Europe, with many popular handbags going up in price by as much as 10 percent. This time is no different. However, this time around, rather than increasing prices just in Europe, the brand has chosen to do it all over the World. And if you’re curious to learn how the Dior July 2023 Price Increase impacted the U.S., keep reading!

Dior July 2023 Price Increase

Dior Bag StyleOld Price (USD)New Price (July 2023Price Increase (%)
Micro Lady Dior$3,800$3,9002.6%
Mini Lady Dior$5,300$5,5003.8%
Small (MyABC) Lady Dior$5,600$6,0007.1%
Medium Lady Dior$6,100$6,5006.6%
Large Lady Dior$6,500$7,0007.7%
Mini Lady D-Lite (Embroidered)$4,300$4,80011.6%
Small Lady D-Lite (Raffia)$4,400$4,7006.8%
Medium Lady D-Lite (Raffia)$4,700$5,20010.6%
Medium Lady D-Lite (Embroidered)$4,900$5,40010.2%
Micro Lady D-Joy$3,100$3,4009.7%
Small Lady D-Joy$4,300$4,90014.0%
Medium Lady D-Joy$5,100$5,6009.8%
Mini Dior Saddle Bag$3,700$3,9005.4%
Dior Saddle Bag$4,200$4,4004.8%
Small 30 Montaigne$3,300$3,6009.1%
30 Montaigne$3,900$4,0002.6%
Medium Book Tote$3,350$3,4503.0%
Large Book Tote$3,500$3,7005.7%
*U.S. retail prices excl. tax

As you can see from the table above, the heftiest price increases were observed on the bags in the “Lady” range. In particular, the new Lady D-Joy bag in the Small size went up for whopping 14 percent in the United States, going up from $4,300 to $4,900. The Medium (Original) Lady D-Joy Bag also increased in price significantly, going up from $5,100 to $5,600, representing a price hike of nearly 10 percent.

Dior Micro Lady D-Joy Black Lambskin
Media Credit: Fashionphile

The Embroidered Mini Lady D-Lite Bag went up by 11.6 percent to a new retail price tag of $4,800, whereas the Medium Lady D-Lite (also embroidered) now costs $5,400 in the States.

The Original Lady Dior Bag in lambskin went up between 3 and 8 percent across the sizes, with the Micro Lady Dior Bag now going for $3,900, Mini Lady Dior – $5,500, the Small (MyABC) Lady Dior for $6,000, Medium for $6,500 and Large for $7,000.

Dior Price Increase July 2023
Media Credit: Instagram @albert_dior

Other popular Dior styles, Saddle Bag included, this time went up between 3 and 10 percent. In particular, the Original Dior Saddle Bag now retails for $4,400 instead of the previous $4,200. The Small 30 Montaigne Bag went up by 9 percent to a new retail price tag of $3,600. Medium and Large Book totes went up by 3 and 6 percent respectively, now costing $3,450 and $3,700.

Now, in regards to what didn’t go up in price. From what I can see, as per time of writing this blog post (July 5th), neither Dior Bobby or Caro bags have increased in price yet. It also looks like neither Dior scarves or costume jewelry were included this time. However, I did notice that the brand’s classic Bar Jacket (women’s) did in fact increase in price by about $300.

How are you feeling about Dior these days? Are you still going to shop with the brands at these prices? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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  1. I feel really 😢 I bought my saddle bag right on July 5th. 🥲
    Just my luck. I bought it in Madrid I was there for several days…. But I went to the boutique right on the 5th 🥲🥲🥲🥲