Dior Price Increase July 2022

Dior Price Increase July 2022

A message to all Dior fans out there: the brand just had a price increase. Actually, that’s already a second Dior price increase in 2022. Earlier in January, the brand has increased prices on most of their popular bags and small leather goods, making them 10-20 percent more expensive. I don’t know how about you, but I personally didn’t see another Dior price increase coming this soon. However, here we are. In the beginning of July 2022, Dior prices rose yet again. Keep scrolling to find out what went up and for how much!

Dior July 2022 Price Increase

Dior Bag StyleOld Price (USD)New Price (July 2022)Price Increase (%)
Mini Lady Dior$4,900$5,3008.16%
Small Lady Dior$5,300$5,6005.66%
Medium Lady Dior$5,900$6,1003.39%
Large Lady Dior$6,300$6,5003.17%
30 Montaigne$3,800$3,9002.63%
Small Caro Bag$4,000$4,2005.00%
Medium Caro Bag$4,400$4,6004.55%
Medium Dior Book Tote$3,350$3,3500.00%
Dior Saddle Bag (Oblique)$3,800$3,8000.00%
Medium Bobby Bag$3,800$3,8000.00%

It’s so unfortunate to be a fan of the Lady Dior Bag these days! After quite a dramatic price hike on the bag earlier in January, we are seeing another one now, basically just 6 months after the last price hike. Yes, the Dior July 2022 price increase has impacted the iconic bag in the major way, with the four main sizes of the Lady Dior (mini, small, medium and large) going up in price between 3 and 8 percent.

Actually, out of the four main sizes of the bag, the Mini Lady Dior has suffered the most dramatic price hike. Prior to the price increase, the bag used to retail for $4,900. That’s already an insanely high price for a mini bag, if you ask me. However, the July 2022 price increase has brought the price of the Mini Lady Dior to whopping $5,300, which means a $400, or 8 percent price increase.

Dior Price Increase July 2022
Media Credit: Instagram @sharon_dioryorkdale

As a result of the July 2022 price increase, the Small (also known as MyABC) Lady Dior bag went up to $5,600. That’s a hike of roughly 6 percent from its previous retail price of $5,300. Medium and Large Lady Dior bags have both increased in price by around 3 percent. The Medium now boasts a price tag of $6,100, while the Large Lady Dior sits at $6,500. By the way, these are the new prices for the bag in the classic Cannage Lambskin.

Other Dior bags that have increased in price this time include the 30 Montaigne Bag and Dior Caro. Yes, fans of the Book Tote, Bobby and Saddle bags can breathe out with ease this time! On the other hand, fans of the 30 Montaigne should prepare to pay $100 more for the bag in the standard size, since it has increased from $3,800 to $3,900. The classic Dior Caro bag in Macrocannage Calfskin now retails for $4,200 in the Small size and $4,600 in the Medium, which is a price increase of about 5 percent. I don’t know how about you, but I have a feeling that the main target of this price increase was the Lady Dior since that’s the only bag that went up across all sizes.

What’s your opinion on all of this info? Are you still going to shop at Dior, or will be looking for an alternate brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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