Chanel Gabrielle Bag Discontinued

Chanel Gabrielle Bag To Be Discontinued

Chanel Gabrielle Bag has been an integral part of Chanel’s classic handbag lineup for years. However, it looks like the bag is about to lose its status, as Chanel has made a decision to discontinue the style. Yes, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag is getting discontinued and I am here to break down all the details.

You know how when you browse handbag’s section on Chanel’s website you are always presented with a lineup of their classic bags at the bottom of the page? Until recently, these bags used to be the Classic Flap, the 2.55, Chanel Boy Bag, the Gabrielle and Chanel 19. Now, it’s changed to the Classic Flap, the 2.55, Chanel Boy Bag, Chanel 19 and Chanel 22. Avid Chanel fans immediately claimed the change was made due to Chanel discontinuing the Gabrielle. And they were right. I’ve just received the confirmation from my local Chanel boutique that the brand is indeed phasing out the Gabrielle. But for what reason?

Reasons for Chanel Gabrielle Bag being discontinued

In my opinion, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag is being discontinued because it’s no longer as popular as it used to be back when it was first released. The bag made its debut on Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 runway and much like the ever-popular Chanel Boy Bag, it was meant to target younger consumer. Designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag is a relaxed hobo silhouette with mixed color hardware, giving away an effortlessly cool and contemporary vibe.

Chanel Gabrielle Bag Discontinued
Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag. Media Credit: Instagram @theheychu

I must admit, at the time when the bag has launched, it felt very trendy and in the moment. However, now when 5 years have passed since the release, it no longer feels this way. Furthermore, the younger consumer that the Chanel Gabrielle Bag was once catered for has now moved on to newer and trendier Chanel releases like the Chanel 19 and 22.

It’s also important to mention that ever since Chanel Gabrielle Bag was launched, it has been receiving mixed reviews from the handbag community. Sure, the design had its fan base. I am sure many people are now saddened by the news of the bag getting discontinued. However, the overall consensus was that the Chanel Gabrielle Bag was too trendy to stick around for a long time. Actually, not sure if the same thing can be said about the new Chanel 19 and 22 bags? When the next on-trend Chanel bag will be released, will Chanel 19 and 22 bags see the same fate as the Gabrielle?

Chanel Gabrielle Backpack
Chanel Gabrielle Backpack. Media Credit: Instagram @fifthavenueluxe

Talking about the fate of the Gabrielle bag. Two of the four versions of the bag have already been phased out. I am talking about the Shopping Tote and the Drawstring Bag. As a quick reminder, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag was available in three main sizes, as well as a shopping tote, drawstring bag and backpack versions. At the time of writing this blog post, the main sizes of the Chanel Gabrielle and the Gabrielle Backpack are still available in some Chanel boutiques. So, if you ever wanted to buy the Chanel Gabrielle Bag fresh from the boutique, now is your time to do it!

Are you surprised by the Chanel Gabrielle Bag being discontinued? Do you think the Chanel 19 and 22 bags will see the same fate? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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