The Row Margaux Alternatives

5 Affordable Alternatives to The Row’s Margaux Bag

Love The Row’s Margaux, but don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars? Well, if yes, I’ve got you covered with the list of the best The Row Margaux alternatives.

Dubbed by Vogue as “the next Hermès Birkin”, The Row’s Margaux Bag is defined by a softly-structured silhouette with belted gusseted side panels, two top handles and a spacious interior compartment with a toggle closure. Initially released by The Row in 2018, the bag is now available in four different sizes and various neutral tones of leather and suede to suit every taste.

Though not everyone wants or can spend upwards of $4,000 on a bag. Yes, that’s exactly how much The Row’s Margaux will set you back! But do you really need to when there are so many fantastic lookalikes out there? See for yourself as you scroll through the ultimate list of dupes for The Row Margaux!

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1. Monorow Blanc Bag (from $194 via W Concept)

Monorow Blanc Bag
Monorow Blanc Bag. Media Credit: W Concept

Starting up with the bag that has inspired this article. Seriously, doesn’t Monorow’s Blanc Bag look just like the leather version of the Margaux? Featuring a softly-structured silhouette with two top handles and a spacious interior compartment, it basically mimics the style of The Row’s Margaux, and at a much more affordable price tag: currently starting at $194 via W Concept. Monorow’s Blanc Bag also comes available in two different sizes and an array of classic colors, incl. black, tan and brown-burgundy.

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2. Andros Calf Suede Classic Tough Work Bag ($220 via W Concept)

Andros Calf Suede Classic Tough Work Bag
Andros Calf Suede Classic Tough Work Bag. Media Credit: W Concept

Do you prefer the soft (suede) version of The Margaux bag? Well, if yes, then you want to check out the Calf Suede Classic Tough Work Bag from Andros. Crafted from real suede and measuring 15.55” in width, 9.06” in length and 11.22” in height, which is comparable to the size of The Row’s Soft Margaux 15, it arrives with belted gusseted side panels and a spacious interior compartment for all of your necessities, incl. a larger laptop. The price point is also really affordable for a real suede tote: just $220 before taxes.

3. Lafudge Oro Boston Bag ($194 via Musinsa)

Lafudge Oro Boston Bag
Lafudge Oro Boston Bag. Media Credit: Musinsa

Arriving in real cowhide leather with belted gusseted side panels and a toggle closure, Lafudge’s Oro Boston Bag is yet another fantastic dupe for The Row’s Margaux. I mean, just look at the details on this bag – even the feet come engraved with its name! Crazy, isn’t it, for a bag that retails for just $194?! Though at this time, only one size and two colors are available: black and burgundy.

4. Brochu Walker The Everyday Tote ($898)

Brochu Walker The Everyday Tote
Brochu Walker The Everyday Tote. Media Credit: Brochu Walker

With its softly structured silhouette and gusseted sides, the Brochu Walker’s Everyday Tote exudes ultimate The Row Margaux vibes. Btw, did you know that Brochu Walker’s designer (Karine Dubner) used to work for BCBG MAX AZRIA? Hence, the ultra-luxurious nature of her designs. It goes without saying that the attention to detail on the Brochu Walker Everyday Tote is absolutely incredible, from functional ties on each side to the fabric-lined interior.

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5. Khaite Maeve Tote (from $2,100)

Khaite Maeve Large Suede Tote
Khaite Maeve Large Suede Tote. Media Credit: Net-a-Porter

Another worthy mention when discussing alternatives for The Row Margaux is Khaite’s Maeve Bag. Sure, it’s not as affordable as other handbags on the list, but in my opinion, it is still a really good option, as it arrives in a huge array of sizes and finishes to suit every lifestyle. From the compact Khaite Maeve Crossbody Bag to the ultra-spacious weekender, there’s an option out there for everyone. Not even to mention that the bag has a top zip closure, which is a feature lacking from all other handbags on the list, incl. The Margaux itself.

I hope this article was helpful!

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