Hermes Price Increase 2024: New Prices in Europe

Hermès Price Increase 2024: New Prices in Europe

With February in full swing, Hermès lovers from all around the world are traditionally bracing up for the brand’s annual price increase. But guess what? The 2024 Hermes price increase has already happened. Quite frankly, it has already happened in the beginning of January, with prices of many popular Hermes items (such as Mini Kelly and Birkin 25) increasing substantially around the world. Today, however, we are going to put our focus on Europe – the brand’s home market.

Hermes Price Increase 2024: New Prices in Europe
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Hermès Price Increase 2024 in Europe

Those of us that aren’t new to Hermès know that usually the brand’s price hikes come in a range of 1-4 percent. Or at least, that’s how it was up until 2023. The thing is that back in 2022, during the presentation of its Q3 results, the brand announced the plan to increase the prices by 5-10 percent in 2023, citing increased production costs and currency fluctuations as the main reason.

So, in 2023, Hermès prices have increased quite substantially. In fact, some items have gone up for as much as 20 percent, incl. the Lizard Mini Kelly going up from €13,150 to a whopping €16,000 in Europe. And guess what? This year’s price hikes on some items are just as wild.

In particular, as a result of the 2024 Hermes Price Increase in Europe, the Hermes Kelly went up in a range of 6 to 14 percent, with the largest increases observed on the Mini Kelly in Ostrich, which went up by 14.4 percent to a new price tag of €13,500.

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The popular Mini Kelly in Epsom has also gone up in price by nearly 13 percent, surging from €6,700 to €7,550 in Europe. Similarly, the Kelly 25 in Togo Retourne has gone up in price by 13 percent and now retails for €9,100.

The Hermès Kelly 28 went up in a range of 11 to 13 percent, with the Kelly 28 now costing €9,600 in Retourne and €10,300 in Sellier.

Interestingly, the Birkin Bag hasn’t increased in price for as much as the Kelly, surging by on average 4 to 7 percent across the sizes in popular leathers. In particular, the Birkin 25 in Togo is now going to cost you €8,600 in Europe, instead of the old price of €8,050, representing a price hike of roughly 7 percent. Birkin 30 now costs €9,400. The 35: €10,200. Your complete overview of the new, 2024 prices for the Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags in the table below:

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2023)New Price (2024)Price Increase (%)
Birkin 25 Togo€8,050€8,6006.8%
Birkin 25 Sellier Epsom€8,650€9,0004.0%
Birkin 30 Togo€8,900€9,4005.6%
Birkin 35 Togo€9,850€10,2003.6%
Mini Kelly 20 Epsom€6,700€7,55012.7%
Mini Kelly 20 Ostrich€11,800€13,50014.4%
Mini Kelly 20 Matte Croc€26,200€27,9006.5%
Kelly 25 Epsom Sellier€8,650€9,5009.8%
Kelly 25 Togo Retourne€8,050€9,10013.0%
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier€9,100€10,30013.2%
Kelly 28 Togo Retourne€8,650€9,60011.0%
Kelly Disorder Epsom€10,500€11,4008.6%
Hermes Birkin and Kelly Prices in Europe 2024

It’s important to note that during the investor call in July 2023, the Hermes CEO Axel Dumas has pointed out that future Hermès price increases would be based purely on production costs, and “not the desirability of product”. This implies that moving forward, Hermès price hikes are only going to happen if there was an increase in production costs.

New Hermes Prices in Europe 2024
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Not interested in the Birkin, or the Kelly? See the new euro prices for other popular Hermès bags in the table below:

Hermès Bag StyleOld Price (2023)New Price (2024)Price Increase (%)
Constance 18 Epsom€6,700€6,9503.7%
Picotin 18 Clemence€2,380€2,4904.6%
Picotin 22 Clemence€2,550€2,7005.9%
Mini Lindy Clemence€5,100€5,5007.8%
Lindy 26 Clemence€6,250€6,5504.8%
Herbag Zip 31 Berline/Hunter€2,270€2,4206.6%
Evelyne 16 Clemence€1,570€1,6605.7%
Evelyne 29 Clemence€2,800€2,9003.6%
Garden Party 30 Negonda€2,900€3,1006.9%

Stay tuned for the new Hermes bag prices in the U.S!

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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