Hermes Birkin Prices 2020

Hermès Birkin Prices 2020: Europe vs. USA

During the past couple of weeks, on, we’ve discussed luxury brand price increases. First, the surprising second price increase this year from Louis Vuitton, then, the news of Chanel raising prices on their bags. Today, in the shadow of luxury brand price increases, I would like to talk Hermès. In particular, changes in pricing for their iconic Birkin bag.

Typically, Hermès increases their prices at the beginning of each year. For example, in February 2019, the Birkin prices went up for about 3-5 percent. But what about 2020? How much does the Birkin bag cost today?

The latest Birkin price increase took place in Europe in January 2020. As a result, the Birkin 25 and the Birkin 30 have gone up in price for about 3 percent. However, a pleasant surprise is that price of the Birkin 35 remained unchanged. Check out the table below:

Hermès Birkin Prices in Europe (2020)

Hermès Birkin Model

Previous Price (€)

New Price Jan. 2020 (€)

Price Increase (%)

Togo Birkin 25




Togo Birkin 30




Togo Birkin 35




In 2019, one could purchase a Birkin 25 in Togo Leather in Europe for €6600. The Birkin 30 in Togo would have costed €7550 in 2019. In 2020, these bags retail for €6800 and €7750 respectively. To be honest, to me, this Hermès price increase didn’t feel substantial. A 3 percent price increase on a Birkin bag feels like nothing if compared to the outrageous 25 percent price hike on the Chanel’s Mini Square Flap Bag that we witnessed few weeks earlier.

Hermes Birkin 30
Media Credit: Instagram @fnch310

As of today, prices on Birkin Bags have not increased yet in the United States. While looking at the Hermès price increases historically, it seems unlikely that we will see a price increase from the brand anytime soon. However, we will have to live and see. To me personally, the price increase we’ve seen this spring from Louis Vuitton was absolutely unexpected. Would Hermès follow other luxury brands?!

Hermès Birkin Prices in the United States ( 2020)

Hermès Birkin Model

Price ($)

Togo Birkin 25


Togo Birkin 30


Togo Birkin 35


One thing that I would like to notice is that despite the January Birkin price increase in Europe, it still makes sense for the US luxury shoppers to travel to Europe to buy their bags. The current retail price of the Togo Birkin 25 in Europe (€6800) converts to roughly $7500, which is an over $2000 savings compared to the current Togo B25 price in the United States ($9650).

If you are planning a shopping trip to France, you should definitely check out my guide to scoring the Birkin in Paris. There I explain the new Hermès system and how to get an appointment at the Hermès Flagship Boutique to score the bag of your dreams!

Otherwise, I hope that this blog post has been helpful! I will be keeping an eye on Hermès price increases and will update information in this blog post if any changes come up.

Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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