YSL Price Increase November 2022

YSL Price Increase November 2022

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Guess what I’ve noticed while checking the YSL website this morning? Prices have gone up again! And not like I didn’t know that Saint Laurent typically has price increases around November. I did. I just really didn’t expect them to do it this year. The thing is that the brand just had a price rise a couple of months ago. Namely, in May. It was actually a pretty major one, with many items going up in price for as much as 10 percent. Seriously, why would they want to have two price increases just months away from each other? I guess, luxury price increases no longer follow any kind of logic. They just happen when the brands decide. With that being said, here’s your overview of the YSL November 2022 price increase.

YSL November 2022 Price Increase in the USA

I wish I could say that this price increase was a minor one, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The November 2022 YSL price increase has impacted most of the popular YSL styles and in a major way. Yes, even the styles that have already gone up in price pretty substantially back in May have now gone up again. Specifically, the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou is now $1,990. If you can recall, back in May, the bag has suffered a whopping 16 percent price hike, going up from $1,590 to $1,850. Well, it looks like that wasn’t sufficient for the brand!

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Talking about the Saint Laurent LouLou: as a result of the November 2022 price increase, the Small LouLou Bag has gone up in price for nearly 14 percent and now retails for $2,950 in the leather version. The Medium Loulou Bag now costs $3,200, implying a 12 percent, or a $350 increase from its old retail price of $2,850.

YSL Price Increase November 2022
Media Credit: Instagram @cloudycococoffee

The popular Saint Laurent Mini Lou and Lou Camera Bags also haven’t been spared in this price increase. In particular, the Mini Lou Bag went up from $1,450 to $1,550, which implies a price hike of roughly 7 percent. Its bigger sister, the Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag, is now $1,690, which is $140 more than what it used to retail for before.

Price increases on all sizes of the Saint Laurent Puffer Bag have also turned out pretty significant, with the Toy Puffer going up by 9 percent to $2,290, the Small Puffer Bag soaring by 12 percent to $3,200 and the Medium Puffer Bag going up to $3,550.

Another piece that has been severely impacted by the Saint Laurent November 2022 price increase is the iconic YSL Monogram Cardholder. If you can recall, the fan-favorite SLG has already gone up in price by 7 percent back in May. Well, Saint Laurent has decided to hike up the price for it yet again. This time, for 10 percent. As a result, the Monogram Card Case now retails for $325 plus tax in the United States.

Among other pieces included in this price increase is the Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch. An extremely popular entry-level piece for Saint Laurent, due to a possibility of converting it into a shoulder/crossbody bag, the Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch went up for whopping 20 percent, climbing from $645 to $775. The reason behind such a massive price hike? Allegedly, its popularity!

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Saint Laurent November 2022 Price Increase in the USA summarized:

ItemOld Price (May 2022)New Price (November 2022)Price Increase (%)
Monogram Card Case$295$32510.2%
Monogram Clutch$645$77520.2%
Mini Lou Camera Bag$1,450$1,5506.9%
Lou Camera Bag$1,550$1,6909.0%
Toy LouLou Bag$1,850$1,9907.6%
Small LouLou Bag$2,590$2,95013.9%
Medium Loulou Bag$2,850$3,20012.3%
Puffer Toy$2,100$2,2909.0%
Puffer Small$2,850$3,20012.3%
Puffer Medium$3,100$3,55014.5%
Le 5 a 7 Hobo Bag$2,250$2,4006.7%
Rive Gauche Tote$1,690$1,89011.8%

YSL November 2022 Price Increase in Europe

The Saint Laurent November 2022 price increase was a global one, also impacting other markets besides the USA. It’s actually pretty interesting to observe how the price increase hits in different markets. For example, the same Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch has only gone up by 5.5 percent in Europe, while in the USA the same piece has suffered a whopping 20 percent price increase. I guess it’s not as popular in Europe!

Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch
Media Credit: Nordstrom

When it comes to other popular YSL items, the Monogram Card Case now goes for €245 in Europe, implying a €20, or 9 percent price increase from its old retail price of €225. The Toy LouLou bag went up by €100 from €1,390 to €1,490, while the Saint Laurent Lou Camera bag is up €140 to a new retail price of €1,390.

New YSL Prices in Europe (November 2022)

ItemOld Price (May 2022)New Price (November 2022)Price Increase (%)
Monogram Card Case€225€2458.9%
Monogram Clutch€545€5755.5%
Mini Lou Camera Bag€1,150€1,1903.5%
Lou Camera Bag€1,250€1,39011.2%
Toy LouLou Bag€1,390€1,4907.2%
Small LouLou Bag€2,100€2,40014.3%
Medium LouLou Bag€2,300€2,60013.0%
Puffer Toy€1,650€1,7908.5%
Puffer Small€2,300€2,60013.0%
Puffer Medium€2,500€2,90016.0%
Le 5 a 7 Hobo Bag€1,790€1,8905.6%
Rive Gauche Tote€1,250€1,45016.0%

*Source of prices: ysl.com

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What are your thoughts on the latest Saint Laurent price increase? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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