Chanel Price Increase 2024

Chanel Price Increase March 2024

Chanel lovers, come together, as the March 2024 Chanel price increase has landed. That’s right, a mere 12 months after the last price hike, the brand has chosen to increase their prices again. But if you are a long follower of, you should already be prepared, as in my discussion piece on whether the Chanel Classic Flap is worth the investment in 2024, I’ve warned about more Chanel price increases coming. Quite frankly, even Chanel themselves have warned us this time, sending out an informational email to their customers last week which warned of a price increase happening on March 27th. But what exactly has increased in price this time and by how much? Keep scrolling to find out!

Chanel Price Increase 2024 in the U.S.A.

As a result of the 2024 Chanel Price Increase in the USA, the Classic Flap now retails for $10,400 in the Small, $10,800 in the Medium and $11,700 in Jumbo. This implies price increases within the range of 6-8 percent.

Chanel Classic Flap ModelOld Price (2023)New Price (2024)Price Increase (%)
Small Classic Flap Bag$9,600$10,4008.3%
M/L Classic Flap Bag$10,200$10,8005.9%
Jumbo Classic Flap Bag$11,000$11,7006.4%
Maxi Classic Flap Bag$11,500$12,3007.0%
Mini Square Flap Bag$4,700$5,0006.4%
Mini Rectangle Flap Bag$4,900$5,2006.1%
Chanel Classic Flap Prices 2024

The Mini’s too, haven’t been spared, increasing in price by $300 in each version, with Mini Square now costing $5,000 and Mini Rectangular – $5,200.

Interestingly, this year’s price hikes on the Classic Flap are much more reasonable (percentage-wise) than last year’s, when the bag went up between 11 to 17 percent across sizes.

And now to price increases on other popular Chanel bags. Actually, you will never guess which bag was spared! Traditionally always included in the brand’s yearly price hikes, this time it looks like the WOC was excluded from the price increase, meaning that it will retain its old retail price tag of $3,350. But not like that’s cheap either, for a small leather good…

As per time of writing this blog post, it also looks like the Chanel 22 Bag was excluded from this price increase. Though I will have to re-confirm this later. But in the meantime, find the new prices for the Chanel Boy, Trendy CC and 19 Bags in the table below.

Chanel Bag StyleOld Price (2023)New Price (2024)Price Increase (%)
Classic WOC$3,350$3,3500.0%
Small Boy Bag$6,100$6,4004.9%
Medium Boy Bag$6,600$6,9004.5%
Small Coco Handle$5,900$6,2005.1%
Trendy CC$6,900$7,1002.9%
Chanel 19$6,400$6,6003.1%
Chanel 19 Large$6,800$7,3007.4%
Chanel 22 Small$5,500$5,5000.0%
Chanel 22$5,800$5,8000.0%
Chanel Price Increase 2024. New prices of popular bags.

Chanel Price Increase 2024 in Europe

Wondering if the 2024 Chanel price increase also happened in other parts of the world? It sure did! In particular, find the new prices for the Chanel Classic Flap in Europe below!

Chanel Classic Flap ModelOld Price (2023)New Price (2024)Price Increase (%)
Small Classic Flap Bag€9,300€9,9006.5%
M/L Classic Flap Bag€9,700€10,3006.2%
Jumbo Classic Flap Bag€10,500€11,1005.7%
Maxi Classic Flap Bag€11,100€11,7005.4%
Mini Square Flap Bag€4,500€4,7505.6%
Mini Rectangle Flap Bag€4,700€4,9505.3%
Chanel Classic Flap Euro Prices 2024

As you can see from the table above, the Small Classic Flap now retails for €9,900 in Europe, implying a 6.5% price increase from the old retail price of €9,300. The Medium Classic Flap, too, increased in price by over 6 percent and is now going to retail for €10,300.

I will be updating this blog post as more prices become available!

xoxo’s, Masha S.

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