YSL Price Increase August 2023

YSL Price Increase in Europe for August 2023

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Yes, you are reading the title of this post correctly. A YSL price increase just took place in Europe. The move comes just weeks after both Louis Vuitton and Dior announced their price hikes in the region. Interestingly, Saint Laurent already had a price hike in Europe 3 months ago, back in May. However, not that many items have increased in price back then (which is why I’ve chosen not to cover it). But this time is different. In fact, the pieces that have gone up in price back in May have just increased in price again, just like many other popular Saint Laurent items. Keep scrolling for all the details!

YSL Price Increase August 2023
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YSL August 2023 Price Increase in Europe

Let’s start by discussing price increases on the items that have already increased in price in May of 2023. Namely, price hikes on the YSL Monogram Card Holder, the Monogram Clutch (also known as a wristlet) and the Mini Lou Camera Bag (these are the pieces that I’ve noticed going up in price back in May).

Specifically, in May 2023, the YSL Monogram Card Holder went up from €245 to €250 (and that’s considering the fact that the piece had already increased in price by €20 last November, going up from €225). The YSL Monogram Clutch first went up to €595 in May and this time to €615. The Mini Lou Camera Bag too, first went up from €1,190 to €1,250 in May and now to €1,290.

Other popular items that have been subject to the August 2023 YSL Price Increase in Europe include: the Lou Camera Bag, the Saint Laurent Loulou, the Puffer, as well as newer styles like the Le 5 à 7 and Icare.

And talking about price rises on those styles. Most have increased in price by about 3 percent. For example, the Lou Camera Bag now goes for €1,495 in the matelassé leather, instead of the old €1,450, which implies a price hike of just about 3 percent.

Bags in the Loulou range also went up in a similar range, with the Toy Loulou now retailing for €1,540, Small Loulou going up to €2,475 and the Medium sporting a new price tag of €2,680 (prices for all bags in quilted leather).

Small and Medium Saint Laurent Puffer bags also increased in price for around 3 percent. However, we can’t say the same about the Toy Puffer. This time, the beloved style has suffered a whopping 12 percent price hike in Europe, now retailing for €2,010 in the classic, lambskin version.

The trendy Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Hobo is now going to cost you €1,950 instead of the previous €1,890 in Europe, whereas the controversial Icare Maxi Bag will set you back €4,020. More prices in the table below.

New YSL Prices in Europe (August 2023)

YSL itemOld Price (EUR)New Price (August 2023)Price Increase (%)
Monogram Card Holder€250€2604.0%
Monogram Clutch€595€6153.4%
Mini Lou Camera Bag€1,250€1,2903.2%
Lou Camera Bag€1,450€1,4953.1%
Toy LouLou Bag€1,490€1,5403.4%
Small LouLou Bag€2,400€2,4753.1%
Medium Loulou Bag€2,600€2,6803.1%
Toy Puffer Bag€1,790€2,01012.3%
Small Puffer Bag€2,600€2,6803.1%
Medium Puffer Bag€2,900€2,9903.1%
Medium Jamie€2,400€2,4753.1%
Le 5 à 7 Hobo Bag€1,890€1,9503.2%
Rive Gauche Tote€1,450€1,60010.3%
Shopping Tote€1,100€1,1353.2%
Icare Maxi Shopping Bag€3,900€4,0203.1%
YSL Price Increase in Europe (August 2023)

*Source of prices: ysl.com

What are your thoughts on this latest Saint Laurent price increase in Europe? Did it mess up your shopping plans? Let’s chat in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: prices in this blog post are listed for information purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.

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